No matter how careful we try to handle our wood furniture, all sort of stains and little scratches show up in time, especially if you have children or you allow your pets inside your home. Not to mention the effects of a relocation, after which all sorts of new flaws appear. However, quality woodwork is pricey and if you are a handy man or woman owning a home workshop, you can learn how to make your old furniture look new or even give it a new purpose.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is repainting. This solution takes a little time and with a bit of imagination, a simple touch can make an eye-catcher out of a plain piece of furniture. You can use patina or a matte finish to make an object stand out. For the best results, sand the all the surface, wipe it with a cloth, use a primer and apply a coat of protectant at the end. This will ensure a long-lasting life to your appliance. In order to refurbish furniture that has endured accidents, you can clean the wood with mineral spirits, wash it and then proceed. White rings can be diminished with petroleum jelly. Even missing veneers can be fixed with epoxy putty, while nail holes or tiny cracks will vanish with wax repair sticks. To revive the natural color of the wood, gel stain does miracles, but keep in mind it also makes spots more visible if you don’t remove them.
All the above tricks are useful for invigorating some items, but more drastic transformation can be performed with the proper tools. For your home projects, make use of the best wood router. Wood routers are very versatile and give you the possibility of drilling holes, cutting joints, trim wood and much more, but it’s the best function is shaping edges. That will help you turn simple furniture into really cool original one.
Another small fixture you can do to beautify furniture is changing its hardware. You will find a wide range of options in specialty shops and the most daring choice is to buy contrasting pulls and knobs. Further on, drawers can become more elegant if you add legs to them or urbaner if you embellish them with a print. You can use an inexpensive engineering print and some finishing lacquer and you’ll radically change a home object in less than an hour.
Last, but not the least, the most inexpensive idea is to simply repurpose your furniture. An old drawer with one bigger compartment can become a pet house, where you also have space to keep the food, toys, and accessories. Also, discarded dressers and drawers can be used in the garden for storage. If you declutter your house and sort what can be upcycled, you’ll get plenty of ideas!
In the age of massive consumerism, people gave up repairing or reusing old stuff. After waste piled up everywhere in the world, we started to have second thoughts when throwing away personal items. Investing some time in your furniture is not only money saving, but also an earth-friendly habit.