The hallway of your home is likely to be a place to hang up your coat, leave your shoes or a place where keys and mail gathers on a side table. We often forget about the impact our hallways can have, instead focusing our attention on the living area, kitchen or bedroom when it comes to interior design. In many homes, hallways can be incredibly plain; if they are only a small area of your home, it’s probable that you’re unsure what you can really do with it.

The hallway is part of every guest, friend or family member’s first impression of your home. Once they step through the front door, the hallway is the first thing they will see. So if you want to show off your home the best you can, you should really invest some time into this part of the interior!

Making the most of your hallway space can really make a difference to the entrance of your home. While it may just appear as a corridor that leads to the main interior, it could be so much more. Taking advantage of every inch you have available, you have the power to transform your hallway into an impressive space. So, how do go about improving the entrance of your home?

Brightening Up Your Hallway

Your hallway can be a dingy area of the home, shadowed by the front door and often not exposed to many windows. If this is the case in your home, your focus should be on brightening it up and making sure it looks much more inviting than it does currently. It’s important that your hallway doesn’t become a sterile place merely associated with entering and leaving the home; it should be a functional space in its own right.

However, no one wants to enjoy a space that has little going on. One of the most effective ways to brighten up the hallway and add something a little more interesting, is to invest in a hallway runner. Ideal for small, narrow spaces such as hallways, this type of rug can widen and brighten the area. You might even find that it makes the hallway look slightly bigger, and automatically more welcoming.

Thanks to such an extensive variety of designs, hallway runners come in all different colours and patterns to ensure your hallway is as bright as you’d like. Making the entrance of your home a more stimulating space, a hallway runner is a small change that can have a huge impact.

Keeping Your Home Cleaner

As beautiful as hallway runners are, they have a practical function as well as a stylish one. They can certainly make your home look a little more decorative upon entering, but hallway runners can also help to trap dirt. The hallway of any home is a high traffic area, with people coming in and out all the time. As you bring dirt in from the outdoors, hallway runners can help to keep the mess to a minimum by reducing the footprints that could make your home look untidy.

The beauty of a hallway runner is that the colour and material can withstand this purpose and tolerate wear and tear. What’s even better, is that some hallway runners can be machine washed and vacuumed to maintain their condition.

If you have a hardwood floor in your hallway, then choosing a runner can mean the floor itself is protected too. 

Adding Style To Your Entrance

A hallway runner brings an element of style to the entrance of your home, particularly if your hallway is quite plain and simple. Choosing the right colour or pattern can bring the area to life, from block colour to stripes or geometric patterns.

Depending on the style of your home, you may wish to match it or contrast with it. Vintage style runners can look classic in a hallway, while deep colours will make it feel cosy and homely. Whatever you decide on, don’t forget to check the dimensions of your hall; you’ll want to make sure you leave some room around the edges!

It’s as simple as that; a hallway runner can transform the entrance to your home and make it look better than it ever has before.