Over the past few years, bay and bow windows have become a popular windows installation option for property owners for many reasons. Below are a few innovative ways in which the space provided by installing these beautiful replacement windows can be put to the best possible use.

1. Covert the Space to a Study Desk

This can be especially beneficial in homes that are smaller than average or where space may be limited for other reasons. Simply extend the shelf of the bay window into the room a little to create a comfortable amount of legroom. Once completed, this can make a fantastic study space for kids or even a workspace for anyone who works from home.

2. Use it as a Reading Corner

Consider installing a few small drawers under the bay and bow windows themselves that can be used to store books. The seat section of the bay window can be covered with some comfortable cushions or even a mattress, which can then enable it to be used as a comfortable reading corner. If the bay window receives direct sunlight during the winter months, this will quickly become one of the most popular relaxation spots in the house!

3. Create a Kitchen Breakfast Nook

Another great way to make use of bay windows installation projects in kitchen areas is to covert the shelf section into a table surface that can be used as a breakfast nook. This conversion will be especially handy in homes that don’t have enough space to accommodate a full set of tables and chairs.

4. Set up a Display Area

Are you fond of indoor pot plants? Do you have collections of various items that you’d like to put on display, but seem to lack space to do so? If this is the case, using the shelf space in a bay window could be the answer. The amount of items that you will be able to display will depend on the width and depth of the window itself. Using your bay replacement windows in this way means that you won’t have to keep your favorite collections hidden anymore.

5. Incorporate into a Bathroom Vanity Setup

In many cases, home owners who have bay or bow windows in their bathrooms aren’t sure what to do with the seemingly odd space that they create. However, it’s possible to build a vanity setup into the bay window shelf and opening. Not only would this be unique; it would end up creating additional space in smaller bathroom setups as well.

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