To some, choosing bedroom furniture is no different than shopping for any other room of the home. But is that necessarily the case? Think about it; living rooms are for unwinding, dining rooms for entertaining, and sure, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be finely appointed.

But the bedroom – the soul soothing sanctuary that welcomes you at the end of a long day – is surely worthy of just a little bit more consideration than the rest of the house. So how do you go about choosing the right décor for a room responsible for your rejuvenation, a room that you’ll literally spend more than a third of your life in?

1. Size Matters

Though it might be tempting to select the accoutrements that will adorn your bedroom based on your personal preference and style alone, it’d be wise to know the exact physical dimensions of your bedroom first. That’s why your first step should be to measure out your room so that you know exactly what you’re working with. If you’re not particularly good at estimating spatial dimensions or the art of conceptualization, having your measurements close at hand when shopping for furniture can help to make sure that you’re purchasing pieces that will complement the space rather than overcrowd it.

In addition to scribbling down the square footage of the room on a piece of paper, pencil-in the approximate locations of windows, bulkheads, and other obstructions so that you have an accurate representation of the room.

2. Nail Down Your Personal Style

Before the shopping begins, you should also decide on what style you plan on using to bring your bedroom to life. Are you looking for a classic or contemporary look? Do you prefer the sleek lines of minimalism or the warmth of something mid-century? Knowing the style you’re emulating can really help to keep you focused in your pursuit. Remember, your bedroom’s style should be an extension of your personality, so do your homework to determine which style represents you best.

3. Set Your Budget and Stick to it

When it comes to furniture shopping, you can blow your budget faster than you can bat an eye. But there are sure fire ways that’ll allow you to save quite a few bucks, provided you know what to do. First, ditch the brick and mortar furniture stores. You can find the same quality furniture at online furniture stores with one exception – you’ll find their prices are considerably cheaper – meaning your money and your vision for the perfect bedroom will go further. Brick and mortar stores have much more in the way of overhead costs, which are understandably reflected in the sticker price. If for whatever reason you have to buy from a retail location, don’t be afraid to haggle; there’s wiggle room in that price (albeit not a great deal) and we all know it.

Also, think about financing options, but only if it seems like the best option for you and your purchase. Over time, interest can sneak up on you, so just be sure the compounding interest doesn’t affect your budget -- or you’re aware of what you could be really spending over time.

4. Buy Quality Over Quantity

This can be tricky, especially if cost is a concern. But remember, it’s better to spend a little more now on pieces that are built well and will stand the test of time, rather than buying pieces that will age or break quickly. Inexpensive furniture won’t stay inexpensive very long if it constantly needs replacement; so when you can, stick to buying quality items. Generally speaking, if the furniture is higher end and built using quality materials, the manufacturer may back their product with a warranty. All else being equal, choosing furnishings that are protected by a warranty can certainly help in justifying a slightly higher price point.

5. Regardless of Style, Look for Space Saving Features

No matter the style, you should be able to find furnishings that offer just as much in the way of function as they do visual appeal. Many modern beds for example come complete with their own set of built-in drawers, allowing you to make the most of otherwise useless space.

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