No matter what the size of your house is, having an attic is quite essential. Most often, the attic is the room of choice to store old stuff.

Since we don’t get to go to the attic often, it mostly ends up being a place that kids dread and house pests love. If you want to make use of this extremely useful space, here are some tips on how to use the attic other than being a mere storage location.

First things first

Before you can make use of the attic space, you need to de-clutter. It’s difficult to repurpose your attic if you have so many things stored in the attic, some of which you may not even use anymore.

Take this opportunity to donate your old or unused items to charity. It’s also a good idea to put up a garage sale, from which the proceeds can be used in refurbishing the attic.

Changes in the attic may be similar to converting a loft, which may entail some considerable costs. However, if you know how to manage your time and expenses, you can create living space that is worth the effort and the money. When you’re looking at loft conversion costs, you need to know what needs to be purchased and what is considered excessive and unnecessary.

Storage room

If you really cannot live without the things in your attic, using storage bins may be your best option. Keeping things organized makes it easier to find them when you need to use them.

Guest room

You don’t need to totally reconstruct your attic to turn it into a guest room. You may start with a small cot or bed, some pillows, and a thick blanket. Don’t forget to provide enough ventilation just in case the windows are sealed.

Hobby room

Although converting the attic into another room may lead to spending a significant amount of time and money, it’s really going to be wasted space if you don’t use it for something other than storage. Why not use it as a hobbyist’s sanctuary? Some of the popular hobbyists started their crafts in their own homes, and you can do the same in your attic.

Play room

The children’s bedroom may not be big enough to give your kids some space to play in. Instead of merely stocking their toys in the attic, you can remake the attic into an indoor playground.

Make sure to install storage bins for toys, so that your kids can learn to keep their own things in place. You may also reserve a portion of the attic space for them to rest – by putting a roll up mat or a small bed – just in case they get tired from playing.

Man Cave

Men generally prefer spending some of their free time in solitude or with friends. Why not convert the attic into a man cave? A huge TV or a pool table will already do wonders to this extra space, and will make any male person in the house happy.

Dressing Room

Any woman would love to turn the attic into a walk-in closet where all of the clothes, shoes and bags are within reach. You may change the lighting fixtures, add a full body mirror, and install storage bins and cabinets to create the dressing room.

You can definitely turn the attic into anything that you can think of. Converting the attic into a functional space can save you from having to build another room.