In 2016 we have seen a trend towards creating a bit of a magical vibe in the garden. With a few tweaks here and there you can make your garden seem enchanting, so even the most lazy gardener can get the look. Check out my list of items that you can buy to help you on your way.

Fire glass

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Firstly what is more magical that flaming gems in your garden? That why you should get some fire glass. Tumbled and treated to withstand being used in a gas fire pit Fireglass comes in so many different colors. Looking like something straight of Smaug's cave in LOTRs makes them an essential item for Any fangirl or fanboy.

Fairy Lights

There are lots of ways that you can use fairy lights to make your garden more magical. You can fill Kilner jars with the very thin wired LED lights that run on batteries. These look like you have jars of dancing fireflies in your garden. They are a great way of decorating for a party or lighting your patio in the evening.

Next, there are strings of solar powered fairy lights that you can hang from your trees. For a super magical look, wrap the lights around the trunk and branches, its make it seem like the whole tree is glowing with its own aura.

Fairy Houses

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The next thing you need to purchase if you are looking to get a magical garden is a Fiddlehead Fairy House. They come in all sort of designs like a gourd house, hobbit cottage, and a spooky witch's hat. They are made from cast resin, so sit quite happily outdoors come rain or shine. Each one is adorably detailed and collectible, and you can even buy little accessories to go with them like scrying balls and acorn lights. Dot them about your garden to create interest and a touch of magic.

Summer House

You don't just have to have houses for fairies in your garden; you can get human-sized houses too. Summer houses are a great way of making use of your garden in all weathers as they protect you from the heat of the sun and the rain. Nestle them in an overgrown part of the garden and decorate with crystals and windchimes for a very magical feel.

Water feature


Of course, no magical garden would be complete without a water feature. You don't need to have a massive garden to have a successful water feature as they come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a pond, a fountain or a stream lined with rocks. Just don't forget to add a gnome with a fishing rod for extra magic.


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If a summer house is a bit out of your budget, then how about putting up an Arabian style tent for the summer? You can scatter the floor with opulent embroidered cushions and provide mood lighting with Turkish lamps. Use it for afternoon siestas and evening meals. That will definitely add some real hat can add real enchantment and fun to an otherwise  a normal looking garden.