Forget minimalism; no longer are neutral colours and sleek lines dominating or homes.  Maximalism is the newest big thing in interior design. We are talking rich colours, ornate furniture and ornaments galore!

If you are looking for inspiration for your maximalist home, look no further than Juan Pablo Molyneux. His beautiful interiors are desired by the rich and famous, and ooze style. If you'd like some of that like that in your own home, here are some tips to help you make it happen.


If you are going for a maximally designed room, then you need to consider wallpaper. This is a  better wall treatment for this type of room because it gives off an air of luxury and opulence. You will need to look at carefully at color and textured to pick the right wallpaper. Maximal rooms will often have all wallpapers, not just a singular wall as a feature. Think bold stripes, fabric textures and pastoral scenes that you might find on a china dinner service.


When picking the furniture for your maximalist room, you need to think about form as well as function. Make sure the pieces that you choose our ornate and decorative. Baroque & Rococo finishes would work well in this type of room. Think large writing desks with carved legs, ornate occasional tables and glass fronted cabinet of imposing size. Of course, varnished luxury woods are a good choice such as cherry wood, oak, and mahogany. Also, consider gold leaf, silvers and mirror effect items for added excitement.



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The correct lighting in a maximalist room can be difficult to achieve. Also, lighting treatments are often expensive. However, you should consider that it may be worth the cost as a luxurious light fitting can change the whole look of the room. Consider crystal chandeliers and dramatic lighting for a maximal room. The more beautiful you light fitting, the better in this case.


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Maximal rooms do not have to have carpets, but they will need some floor treatment. Bare floors are not in keeping with this style. If you do go for carpets, make sure to go for a thick and bouncy underlay, to give the room a super, luxurious feel. Carpets or rugs need to be ornately patterned and colorful in a room such as this.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings also needs to be at the luxurious end of the scale. Any high end and finishes such as silk or satin will work well. Also, consider additional flourishes such as tassels and beading on cushions, pelmets, and tiebacks.


In a maximalist room, it is vital to have an impressive ornaments. These can either match in with the general theme of the room. So if you have baroque furniture, try porcelain figurines, music boxes, and vases.

Alternatively for a striking, contrasting look, try a simple but striking wooden sculpture. This can work well to offset to a chintz style room and add a hint of perspective and drama.