We all have our individual tastes when it comes to home interior design. Some of us prefer the rustic look while others opt for a modern style. Contemporary designs are growing in popularity in many parts of the world.

Such a style can get applied to any home, regardless of its size or age. If you want to make your interior have the contemporary look, what should you do? Check out the following ideas to help you get started:

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Bring in lots of natural light

It doesn't matter whether you are decorating your living room or the bedroom. One essential ingredient of any room with a contemporary style is to use an abundance of natural light.

Let's say that your living room is the first area to receive a decor makeover in your home. Consider fitting large windows that flood the room with light during the day.

You should also complement the extra natural light by painting the walls a neutral tone. White is an obvious choice, but one could opt for a light pastel colour too.

Add some furniture that offers vibrant accents

Let's face it; you don't want your entire room to have the same or similar shades! You need to break up the otherwise neutral tone of the room. One easy way to do that is by getting furniture made with vibrant colours.

For example, a chic green colour will work well with an otherwise white or grey room. The key here is to use subtle colours. Habitat offers an excellent range of contemporary furniture.

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Use some natural materials to decorate your room

Take your flooring, for instance. Instead of sticking with carpet, why not opt for wood flooring from Victorian Woodworks? It's easy to select a style of floor that complements the new decor of your room.

Using some natural materials within your living space is important. Of course, don't go overboard otherwise you'll end up with a rustic log cabin look!

Don't make your living room look so formal

I hate it when people decorate their living rooms that look like something out of a stately home! To achieve the right contemporary style for your living space, go with the informal look.

What I'm talking about is modern furniture that invites people to relax and help them get comfy. You don't want to feel like you should be wearing a dinner suit to sit down there!

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Go open plan if you can

One of the best ways of making any living room airier is by opting for an open plan layout. Most people have their kitchens and dining rooms next to their living rooms.

Consider breaking down some dividing walls and making it all into one big open space. Or, you could integrate the kitchen or dining room.

Going with the open plan layout also gives you more furniture possibilities. That's because you have extra space at your disposal. Before you knock down some walls, be sure to check they aren't load-bearing ones. The last thing you want is for your home to collapse on itself!

Good luck!