Enjoying your outside space is one thing. Revelling in a glamorous patio with all the trimmings is something else. Have you ever imagined lounging by your pool without a care in the world? Have you ever dreamed walking out onto the deck on a perfect sunny morning?

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Getting uptown and funky with your outdoor space raises your garden to the next level. You could have a Hollywood style patio with all the trimmings for a lot less than you think. The only thing standing between you and the summer parties of your dreams is your imagination.

This way out.

You’ll need to get out there first. Looking out the window doesn't cut it. It can be difficult to imagine your space when the weather is cold, and the windows are all misted up. Imagine, though, opening up a smooth pair of patio doors. If you have a window, then in all probability you’ll be able to have deluxe sliding doors installed. They not only look good and give you access to your outdoor space, but they will also flood your home with light. They’ll also be double glazed and super energy efficient.

Find your feet

What are you stepping out onto? Connect the deck or patio to the house. This will make the transition easier, or perhaps you could make a path down towards the patio at the other end of the garden. These days decks are more convenient. They are super easy to install, being made of timber. That means they can be stained and varnished to any colour that you like. A softer wood like pine, for example, can be made to look just as fetching as sumptuous hardwood.

A deck also has the advantage that you can have it raised to any height that you like. This means that you can have the flat and level surface that you want even if your garden falls away steeply from the house. In fact, that illusion of height can work quite nicely. Think Hollywood Hills!

Something to relax on

You don’t want to go to all this trouble without missing out on the one thing that will define your deck or patio area. You’ll want something classy and substantial to sit on and even dine out on in those fabulous evenings ahead. Forget the crusty old deckchair, invest in some seriously lovely garden furniture. Rattan is ideal. How about brown garden furniture to tone in with the natural feel of the outdoors? You can go for a contemporary or a classic look. Making an investment here can give you a classy feel not too mention comfort factor. You can choose between a fabulous outdoor suite or simply a couple of loungers with a parasol to give you shade. You might want a table to perch those cocktails on!

Embellish the patio of your dreams with a water feature or even a firepit for when the evenings get a little cooler. It doesn’t take much to totally transform any outdoor area into a charming space that you’ll love spending time in. Make that day after day and night after night!