A man’s home is his castle. As such, every modern bloke should be enthusiastic about creating the ultimate property. Whether you are a bachelor or settled down with a wife and kids doesn’t matter. A happy home life is crucial for everyone.

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Transforming your property can feel like a daunting task. But the rewards of completing the work easily justify those efforts. Besides, many of those upgrades will be adding value to the home. If that’s not a worthwhile investment, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s everything you need to know about turning your home from bland to grand. Better still, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to complete the transformation either.

Start With The Bedroom

If the home is your castle, then your bedroom must be fit for a king. The benefits of a great night’s sleep are far too important to ignore. It will leave you looking great, and feeling great too. That’s something that no modern man should overlook.

A fantastic bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your life. Even if you only replace the mattress, it’s imperative that it offers great comfort. However, men that struggle to sleep can enhance their rest further by investing in thicker curtains and other sleeping aids.

Meanwhile, you should try to keep the bedroom design minimal. Too much clutter will make it feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Bed, wardrobes, TV – that is literally all you need.

Fix Home Faults

As a man, the most important aspect of your home is that things work. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete daily tasks due to faulty goods. However, calling out an expert can often be very expensive.

The best option is to become a master of the most important tools. This won’t just allow you to fix things cheaply, but it will also allow you to act quickly. You’ll be able to make upgrades before issues become a major problem. Whether it’s increasing the water pressure or fixing a faulty washing machine doesn’t matter.

Besides, what could be more manly than a spot of DIY? Grr.

Go Green

As men, we love cars, BBQs, tech and other items that can be harmful to the environment. There’s nothing wrong with this in such, but you do have a responsible to look after the earth too. Your home is a great place to start making those changes. As well as helping the planet, it will help your finances in the long run too.

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Increasing the insulation of your property with double-glazed windows will make a vast impact and will increase the value of the property. Similarly, fixing any roofing issues will work wonders for both the property and your wallet. It’s not all about insulation, though. Reducing water waste with an energy-efficient toilet can make a world of difference too.

Of course, you can opt for solar roof panels and other big investments too. For most men, though, the aforementioned changes should be the priority.

Change The Walls

Interior design has become an increasingly important part of our lives. Trends have changed dramatically in recent times. One of the best ways to bring your home into 2016 is to give your walls a little love and attention.

It’s easy to think they are just four walls. However, the choice of colour and material create a room’s entire vibe. TileMarkets have many fantastic options for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms where tiling is the best route. Meanwhile, a few coats of paint will completely transform bedrooms and living room spaces.

You could take the task another step further by knocking down an internal wall to turn two rooms into one. Either way, changing the aesthetic of the walls will bring vast improvement. If you are looking for a quick and cheap way to enhance the home, this is the obvious answer.

Convert The Garage

Most men are guilty of hoarding items that aren’t needed. Old clothes, childhood toys and other products all stay with us for far longer than necessary. In most cases, they become stored in the garage. Big mistake.

When used effectively, the garage can become a whole new room. Moreover, the fact it’s separated from the main building makes it the perfect location for building a home gym. Alternatively, it could become the new home office. In either case, you’ll be making far greater use of space. This in itself, will soon make the house feel like a home.

If you’ve gone for the gym option, you’ll be saving the costs of those expensive gym memberships too. Let’s face it, finding the motivation to visit the garage is far easier than travelling two miles to the local leisure centre.

Create A Social Garden

No man can resist a great summertime barbecue. It’s one of the great manly activities. Building a better backyard will ensure that you can enjoy yours time and time again.

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Building a deck is a lot easier than it might first sound. It will cost some money, but those costs will be compensated for by the added value brought by the work. If you are looking to have great BBQs, then you should set aside an area to build a brilliant cooking area. Don’t just settle for a cheap set out of the local supermarket because you will end up replacing them very quickly.

Whether it’s an afternoon with the lads or a family gathering, everyone loves a great BBQ. Make your garden the envy of your neighbours, and you’ll enjoy a far better relationship with the home.

Get A Projector Screen

What man doesn’t love a great TV screen? Whether it’s watching live sport or catching the latest Netflix blockbuster, we all enjoy a few hours on the sofa with a remote.

However, TV tech is constantly moving forward. You could buy the latest set, but it will be outdated within a year. The far better option is to invest in a projector and blank screen. This is often cheaper than buying a new TV, and you’ll be able to turn a whole wall into a viewing screen.

Moreover, a retractable screen hanging from the roof will save you plenty of floor space too.