Most of us are looking for inspiration to create a fresh new look for our homes. As we enter into a New Year, this could be the idea to style your house ready for 2016. The coming season promises to be exciting with more refined and vibrant colour palettes. Decor styles are simpler and cleaner than ever before. They give you the chance to personalise the look of your home with your own taste in ornaments and art.

The use of white across the home has grown as a trend. It offers a fresh and clean feel to the home. White walls offer you the chance to personalise your home. You can use quality, contemporary wall art to offer a splash of colour from one of the popular colour palettes this season. Alternatively, you can look at places like the binary box to offer wall decals of your favourite popular art works.

White is also a popular colour for furniture this season. To avoid the feeling of sterility and ‘whitewash’ be sure to use a range of vibrant colours and tones to warm the room up. The texture is also important. Many trending furniture ranges are in a high gloss finish. Contrast this with faux furs, wools, and other textiles and textures. Use shapes to create greater depth and interest in the space. Unusual structures and ornaments also help break up the different areas of your room.

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You could use book shelves, irregularly shaped coffee tables and sideboards. Try contrasting angular pieces with curves. It will help create more effect from the lighting you are using too. Modern lighting fittings can offer more variety in lighting. The fittings themselves can also provide the contemporary style you are looking for. Choose from cascading, brushed steel chandeliers, or elegant cubic wall fittings. You can also use app-controlled LED lighting to help set the mood and add colour.

For the 2016 look, try not to crowd the room with furniture. If you’re stuck for space, why not install some fitted cupboards and paint them white? You could even buy some custom fit high gloss white doors. This simple look is both clean in line and effective in creating that fresh and roomy feel. Of course, this isn’t a minimalist look. You can style your room with shapes, colours and art to suit your mood and character.

If you are looking to replace your furniture soon, then you may be interested in fabric finishes that feature a strong colour. Look for shape and structure that is interesting and could provide a focus for the room. Try to position your furniture so you can have a view of at least one feature wall. This wall may be covered in an interesting paper, strong colour, or a wall decal.

Just because you want a modern look, you don’t have to do away with the carpet. There are some amazing carpets feature vibrant stripes that could work very well in a contemporary living room. If you have a hardwood floor, why not choose stripes as a pattern for your rug? Curtains also work well in this way. Enjoy your modern room.