Making your home look gorgeous could be an ongoing project. As the seasons change and trends rise and fall, keeping your home looking fresh can end up being a full-time job. We all want easy ways to get the best results. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your home is looking up to date with the minimum of effort.

Start by preparing your home for quick changes. Prime the walls by sanding down the lumps and bumps or skimming. Then you can apply a couple of layers of neutral coloured paint. This allows you to repaint easily without worrying about covering strong colours. It also gives you the option for creating a feature wall or minimalist look later on.

Now take a look at your flooring. Carpets wear in just a few years. Colours can also fall out of fashion. Picking a hardwood floor gives you an easier time cleaning. It also provides a blank canvas ready for you to decorate with rugs. Best of all, the furniture won’t leave behind a tell-tale dent on wood like it does on carpet.

Once you’ve cleared out your room and got it primed, it’s time to decide what look you want. If you check out brochures or online pages for new homes like Linden Homes, you’ll see the latest looks for interiors. If you love interior design, you might also have some inspiration from glossy mags or websites on the subject.

Of course, if you love interior design, but hate putting in the work, then you might want to hire somebody to take on the project for you. If you’re about to move house, then you will definitely need to consider the look for your new home. If you’re buying a newly built home, you might be able to agree on the designs and have them installed before you move in. This is by far the easiest way to get the gorgeous home you’ve always dreamed of.

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Once the interior is decorated, you can begin to design the layout of the furniture. You might already have some favourite pieces that you want to include. With a new house, it’s often best to buy contemporary furniture. Historical or period pieces can look out of place in a modern home. There are some gorgeous furniture stores for you to choose from. Look for high gloss pieces in black or white for a stylish finish.

You may also want to install some contemporary designer lighting fittings. Modern chandeliers can be dramatic and chic in chrome finishes. New homes often use ceiling spot lights and wall lights rather than ceiling rose fittings. This opens up the world of energy efficient LEDs to you. You might even choose some colour changing bulb systems that run from a smartphone app. The extra colour in your room can enhance the mood you’re going for.

If you love designing gorgeous interiors, then there are plenty of ways to make seasonal changes quickly and easily. Colour changing lighting, feature walls, and easy to swap rugs and cushions make it easy. Or you could move into a brand new home for the freshest look in a jiffy.