For pretty much all of us, our bedrooms are our sanctuary, right? It's our place to escape for safety and comfort at the end of a long and boring day. All of our interior design focus in on making sure that every aspect of our rooms caters towards creating a relaxing atmosphere.

But when did we forget about fun? Somewhere along the way, our bedrooms lost the intimacy that made them such great places to spend time in. Remember as a kid and your room was your fortress; filled with all the toys and games you'd ever possibly need?

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Okay, so I don't expect you to suddenly rush out and start building a fort in your room. Although I don't know why you wouldn't want to do that immediately. We are adults, but we need to maintain a distinct edge of fun in our homes. Otherwise, what's the point? All the luxury and class means nothing if you don't feel a sense of spontaneity. And where better to incorporate those elements than in your bedroom? Here's how.

Paint The Walls

We've become obsessed with making sure everything in our home is prim and proper. The only real time we're allowed to let our imagination run wild is when we're decorating our children's rooms. If you ask me, that's a crying shame. Try not to worry so much about obeying convention. Live a little. Instead of that classy new wallpaper you've had your eye on, let your creativity flow. Check out some of the examples at House Beautiful for ideas before you redecorate.

Water Boy

Was there any - and I mean any - more exciting prospect as a kid than a waterbed? There was just something magical about the idea of a mattress filled with water. Was it the danger of knowing you couldn't go too far or else it'd explode? I don't know, but waterbeds were the envy of my childhood. I bet if you had a friend that was lucky enough to own one, you'd suggest regular sleepovers at their place, right? Well, good news. Now you're an adult and you can do what you want! Waterbeds are not only super fun, but they're incredibly comfortable. Check out the best waterbed mattresses at Boyd Waterbeds for ideas.

Light Me Up

The way we see light is very one dimensional. We don't allow ourselves a lot of scope for experimentation. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between lighting and mood? Try switching it up (pun intended) a little and see how it feels. Your light bulb doesn't need to give off the same glow as you've had your entire life. You can get colored light bulbs, disco lights, and even transition bulbs. Check out the options from the Philips Hue range for inspiration.

Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you keep an eye on cultivating a fun atmosphere. You'll find your mood is instantly lifted and you feel much more secure in your own home.