We all know that stone tiles are one of the best options for flooring in your home. But can you use them for anything else? Well, you certainly can. Let's take a look at some of the more unusual ways you can use natural stone tiles in - and out - your home.

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Bathroom Walls

Many households have heavy, stone tiling on the floors of their bathroom. But for a really striking look, why not have them placed on the walls, too? It takes some doing, but the large tile format works a treat, particularly if you go for a rough-edged stone like slate. Your biggest problem is defeating the forces of gravity - get it wrong and the tile will slip. Make sure to use a mortar and latex mix before placing your tile on the wall - it will probably be a two-man job. Also, be aware of overhang. Everything needs to be perfectly flat, or it could cause problems later on down the line. As we mentioned, slate can look stunning. But you can also consider travertine or marble, which is probably a little easier to keep clean.


Once you have sliced a tomato or two on a granite worktop, there's no going back. Stone can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen, however small. You'll need to make sure everything is completely flat and grouted well, or you run the risk of food, spillages and crumbs getting stuck in between the cracks. However, once it's finished, washed off and dried, using your kitchen surface will be a truly rustic experience. In fact, you may even feel a little prehistoric - but in an entirely good way. Avoid slate - it can be a little bumpy - but quartzite, marble and granite are excellent and suitable choices. You can match up your surface with your floor tile, or go for something entirely different.

Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, get ready for an upgrade. If you don't, start digging holes when you get up first thing tomorrow morning. Why? Because when you check out the sort of thing that is available at your local new pool showroom, it will be very hard to resist. Modern pools have come a long way since the early days of boring square tiles and a dirty cover for the winter. These days it's all about shaped, travertine stone tiles, and sleek bar areas to relax by. Oh, and luminescent lighting to set the mood. Now, these kinds of pools don’t come cheap but if you are going to be using them every day for the rest of your life, then we think that’s a justified expense.

Got any other great uses for natural stone tiles? We’d love to hear them so hit us up in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more brilliant home and design tips - and a whole lot more.