When you move into your new home, it rarely feels like a home instantly. Yes, it serves as a roof over your head, but a home should do much more than that. You should feel like your home is a retreat, and a place for you and your family to create new memories in.

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If you don’t feel that way about your home, it can be a pretty depressing place to live. It’s not so hard to turn a great house into the perfect home though. You just need to get creative and think outside the box until the space feels like it’s uniquely yours. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Personal Touches

Nobody wants their home to feel like a sterile library; it should feel like a family lives there. This is why personal touches can be so important. It can be as simple as putting up more family photos around the place, or letting your kids have a bigger say in how they design their room. The smallest things help.

A good idea is to put your family photos onto canvas and hand them on the walls, as opposed to just putting them in little frames. It’s a bit different and makes a much greater impact on the impression the room gives as a whole.


A home isn’t a home until you feel comfortable and at ease in it. You might want to get a new sofa and chairs to relax in or make the bedroom more of a retreat from the outside world. Rugs can help make a room feel more comfortable, as can light curtains and cushions.

Comfort isn’t just about your furnishings though. The climate can also affect how you feel in your home. You should get a good climate control system, so you could seek to learn more at www.AcademyAir.com. Your doors, windows and insulation may also affect this.


You’d be surprised at how much difference your lighting and light fixtures can make to how you feel about your home. Both are important. Firstly, the light coming into your rooms is vital, as nobody wants to live in a dull home. So, make sure you are letting a good combination of natural light and electrical light into your home.

Your fixtures are also important because they make a real impact on the eye when you walk into a room. As well as the colour scheme and the furniture, your light fixtures give a room its identity.

Live In It

For me, the most important tip is also one of the easiest. The best way to make your house into a home is to simply live in it and spend time in it. There is no replacement for this.

It won’t feel like a home until you’ve made some family memories in it. When you think back to your childhood home, you don’t think about the sofa or the flooring, you think about specific experiences and events that unfolded in the house. This is what you need to recreate in your new home!