In the world of business, you do not have faces. You have brands. It is through your brand that your company is recognised, more so than the people within that company. As such, you should regard it as the primary means by which your company is identified by the prospective consumer. In particular, you should use it as means of marking what is yours, including your office space. Making sure your office is properly branded is one of the fundamental aspects of proper presentation when receiving visiting clients or investors. It shows, definitively, that the office is your home turf and that you are a business to be treated with seriously.

There are a number of ways towards office branding, all of which can be invaluable for the purpose of presenting a solid front to outside eyes. Here’s a list of some of the more basic means to achieve this to help you get started.

#1 Make Sure Your Brand is Recognisable

This is something that relates more to brand design itself – make sure that people can immediately identify it as being your logo. As such, to make sure your office is being properly branded, make sure your brand is capable of doing its job. In this respect, your brand should be, as much as possible, easy to recognise and easily spotted. Avoid fancy, complex patterns and shapes. Keep it abstract, keep it simplistic. Also, avoid colour schemes that are too complicated. As a rule, only use three colors at most in your logo design. If you find that your logo and branding does not satisfy these rules enough, consider a rebranding campaign.

Keeping this in mind will make sure your office brand will be immediately recognised by visitors to your office, in much the same way that seeing a national flag flying out the building will immediately link that building to the country in question. This instantaneous and natural connection is something you want to achieve. Make it easier on you by making sure the brand can do its job with minimal fuss.

#2 Keep Your Brand Visible As Much as Possible

Much as you never hide your face during conversation, you should never keep your brand hidden. Remember, your brand is a physical representation of your company, so it should always have a place of pride in your office. Whenever visitors enter your offices, they should be able to see the brand placed prominently within the room.

The easiest way to achieve this is to make use of specially designed banners and signs. If possible, place a large sign showing your company brand, its tagline and name somewhere where eyes will automatically or most frequently be drawn. Good places are above a whiteboard where weekly notices and daily targets are written, on the wall just opposite the entrance to the office, or just beneath the clock. You can also hang a banner from the ceiling across the centre of the room. You may also want to place your logo intermittently within the office itself, such as on the sides of cabinets.

Just be careful not to overdo it. You want to show that the office is your company’s working space, but at the same time you do not want to seem desperate for attention. Use your discretion when decided when you’ve hit the “just enough” mark. If you need to know where to go to get a custom banner or sign printed, I recommend going to

#3 Be Creative in Brand Placement

It is not the walls that you can place your brand either. Effective use of other available spaces will also help to make sure that your office is properly branded. In particular, a very good way to brand your office is to print your company logos on common office items as well, such as coffee mugs, mouse mats, and pens and pencils. You may also want to develop a specific company screen saver that also helps to keep the brand visible.

These are a little less obtrusive and in-your-face than hanging up large signs and banners, which make them useful to keep branding up when in, say, a smaller private office. As a bonus, you can also hand these out to clients and visitors as well, to keep the advertising going!

#4 Do Not Overwhelm the Office

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears mentioning once more in its own section: don’t overdo it. Nothing looks more desperate than a company that insists on splattering its brand on every available surface area it can get its hands onto. Rather than creating for your company an image of strength and confidence, it may give the impression that you are struggling and frantically trying to promote your business as much as possible.

Sometimes less is more. Never underestimate how useful that piece of advice can be in properly branding your business.

#5 Demonstrate Pride in Your Brand and Company

The most effective way you can properly brand your office is simple: show pride in what your company is and what you are doing. Encourage your staff, and you most of all, to show delight and joy in what your company does and the services it can provide. This reinforces all your branding efforts with the most important quality of all – sincerity. Because, nothing would ruin all that proud, prominent placing of public propaganda than a surly employee who looks as though he wishes he was somewhere else.

Nurture in the office an impression of eagerness in what you do. Because you should be excited about what you are doing, after all, and it is what clients and visitors expect to see.

The writer of this article, Christian Mills, is a small business owner who discusses advertising and marketing techniques in the hopes of helping others to realize their dreams of success. If you wish to learn more about Christian you can visit on Google+.