A good soak with a glass of wine in the privacy of your home can be one of the best ways to wind up a long day at work or just a busy day. Everyday activities can have a tiring effect on people and the best way to get over it is in the bath. It is peaceful and relaxing not to mention well deserved personal time for people.

But as relaxing as this activity can be, having the right bathtub is essential to ensure the desired result is achieved. The wrong bathtub can turn what is supposed to be a good, relaxing time by yourself to something quite disastrous. The bathroom has to be just the way you want it to be and the best place to get nice bathtubs for your home and spa is if you buy bathroom supplies by ABL tile centre.

image via ABL Tile Centre

Who are ABL tile centre?

ABL tile center has been in business for the last 21 years and they pride themselves in providing consumers with a wide variety of products at affordable prices not to mention great designs. ABL offers products for all types of customers from small patch up jobs and renovations to building new homes and high rise houses. Selecting the right bath for your bathroom and spa is essential
and ordering bathroom supplies by ABL tile centre ensures that you make that choice in the best way possible as they offer a wide variety of baths in different designs.

What do ABL sell?

If it goes in the bathroom, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at ABL’s online store. They offer a wide variety of bathroom supplies and fittings, from the smallest parts to full bathroom suites. ABL has a varied range of bathtubs such as freestanding baths and steel baths as well as spa baths for maximum relaxation for all customers. Freestanding baths are designed for maximum effect. They are intended to fit any space since they come in different shapes and sizes and are also designed for maximum indulgence for the customers. Then there are the spa baths. Designed and fitted with state of the art technology to ensure you feel relaxed, you really will be spoilt for choice. The best part about ABL is that you can buy your baths online at affordable prices and they will deliver whichever bath you end up going for directly to your home.

Bath collections from ABL bathrooms online store include those that are manufactured using 100% Sanitary Grade Lucite Acrylic and feature steel reinforced rims which provide long lasting superior gloss ensuring that they last longer than ordinary baths and that they are comfortable and give the desired effect to customers. They also have spa tubs, free standing tubs and shower collections, which come in different designs, shapes and prices to carter for all customers. Shenseki is just one of the examples of companies who use ABL to sell their products, there are many other reputable suppliers who choose to supply ABL with their stock, meaning there is a huge variety of choice on the website.

Australian brands

You can get a variety of bathroom supplies by ABL tile centre, and one thing is definitely clear from visiting their website. They pride themselves on offering Australian made items for your bathroom, from small parts to entire bathroom suites. If you want to support your own country’s manufacturers then it’s easy to do, as there is a section on ABL’s site that takes you straight to those goods manufactured in Australia. It couldn’t be easier to shop home grown than that.