The garden patio, or seating area, has become a requirement for almost every backyard. Amateur garden designers all over the world strive to create the ultimate outdoor space where they can relax and entertain. The trouble is that we have seen it all before. Almost everything we do now is just a variation on a theme. Despite that, people come up with new and inventive ways to use what they know to build fantastic areas.

If you are about to embark on a patio project, read on. I love the natural look and feel of decking, and here are some of my top ideas for you to include in your design, should you choose to build one. If you can afford it; you can create a truly marvelous space that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours for decades to come.

The Deck

For those who have a garden that slopes down and away from their house in Perth, decking by Patio Living is the obvious solution. Decks offer a solution to many landscaping problems that no other product can equal. Because the surface rests on vertical posts, the condition or level of the ground doesn’t matter.
For the surface of the deck, choose top quality hardwood planks. There are many exotic timbers that feature the most beautiful grain patterns. At all costs avoid the cheap boards available in DIY stores. They are ugly and display a poor quality with which you should not associate.

Hot Tub

You have an opportunity to install a hot tub in your garden. If you sink it into the deck, it will look as if it belongs there, rather than having one as an afterthought. The self-contained units only need a power supply and water to operate; you could be taking a group bath in no time at all.


Fit a canopy over your deck. Unfortunately, I can not recommend the cover as a DIY job unless you intend to make one from fabric. The best features are of a uPVC frame with the same glazing that you find in a conservatory. The panels have a double skin with an air gap inside. It helps to stop condensation building up on the underside and dripping on your while you relax.

Water Feature

Invest in a bespoke water feature that will set your patio apart from the rest. Maybe you could ask a local artist to create one for you out of stainless steel or pottery. It will be the ideal finishing touch to your seating area that has become a work of art too.


Keep the light sources near to the ground  to create interesting shadows and illuminate the underside of plants. When you see them in a different way, they seem almost alien or prehistoric. You Can also put some light in the canopy for when you need them. Think about LED spotlights or maybe some fairy lights. Don’t use fluorescent fittings, they will ruin all of your hard work because they are awful to look at, and the quality of light is poor.

If you manage to include all of my ideas, your patio will look stunning. It will probably make your house worth a little bit more too. That has to be a top deal. I wish you every success with your project; it will change the way you use your garden forever.

[Image via flickr]