Don’t feel disheartened if your back garden is tiny. You can do incredible things in a small space that can equal some of the best gardens. Think about the cost of materials too; it could cost thousands to outfit a large area. You get the same effect for half the price. Of course, you can still spend a lot of money on features if you want to, they will not go unnoticed in a small area.

[Image John Mills]

If you are ready to start work and turn your yard into something special, it is lucky you came across this article. You will find some handy hints and tips here that will make yours stand out from the rest. It is a project that never stops evolving, so you can have fun with it for many years to come. Read on and draw your conclusions.


Do you want to waste what space you have with grass and flower beds? Sometimes it is best to accept that your garden will not be traditional and use modern materials instead. Decking is an incredible product that will help to hide an ugly surface. If you have a concrete yard,  don’t dig it up; cover it with decking instead. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

The decking is easy to install.
  • Use pressure treated timber joists to build a framework on the ground. Because this deck is not on vertical posts, you can get away with three or four inch beams.
  • Screw the timber together, don’t use nails.
  • Before you begin to lay the boards for the deck, think about the electrical wiring your will need and install it accordingly.
  • Cut the deck boards to length and screw them in place. Use spacers to ensure that the small gap between the boards is even, or the finish will look shoddy.


Imitation wicker furniture is en vogue currently. With outdoor pieces you get what you pay for, so I advise you to invest as much money as you can in a quality set that will last many years to come.


You will probably spend lots of time chilling and reading in your space after the transformation. Visit The TV Shield for outdoor TV enclosures that will allow you to extend your outdoor time. You will no longer need to return indoors on a perfect summer’s evening when your favourite show is on TV. That is a fantastic idea!


Don’t use a floodlight on the back of your house to light your outdoor room. Install LED up lights in the floor of your deck and use garden spotlights to highlight areas and create shadows. The lighting can change the mood in your yard at the flick of a switch. It is probably the most useful weapon in your armoury.


You do not have room for many plants, so invest in a few large architectural specimens instead. Broad-leaved jungle plants are ideal for this situation because they bring in the green shades that you need in your yard.

As you can see, it is simple to make the most of a tiny space. In many ways, it is more fun than designing an extensive garden, and you can change the layout quickly. I hope you found this interesting and now have the confidence to tackle your space.