Technology has developed fast over the last one-hundred years and so it is no surprise that home automation has become big business. We seek to make our lives easier by controlling things from our chairs, vehicles, or leaving things to run on their own. Now that we have smartphones and tablet computers, manufacturers can produce wireless apps to help us manage our gadgets.

There are many benefits to home automation, particularly to the disabled or infirm. We can expect to see more technological advances in our homes in the future. Here are a few home automation ideas that will make your life easy.


You can now control the heating and cooling in your house with remotely operated thermostats and systems. Indeed, you can set the desired temperature for the building and leave the system to do its thing. It is even possible to set different temperatures for individual rooms. Some of the thermostats learn from your behavior and adjust the temperature and time settings. Of course, you have the option to override any of the functions from wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection.

Garage Doors

Automatic garage doors are a sure way to impress your neighbours. Most come with remote controls as standard so you do not need to leave your car on a rainy evening. There are companies that offer garage door opener repair and installation for almost every style of door. Retrofitting an opener shouldn’t be a problem wherever you live.


To do not have to waste energy when you leave the lights on in an empty room anymore. There are automatic systems that detect your presence and the level of light in the room and turn the lights on and off. Of course, there are still manual controls for you to operate, but you can rest assured that when the room is empty, the lights will be off. The automatic switching system can be set to turn lights on and off in realistic patterns when you are away. It gives the impression that someone is in and add to the security of the building.


The all-in-one remote control is perhaps the most useful gadget to have at hand when enjoying our entertainment system in the evenings. Top of the range models can be set to operate almost every item of equipment. You can now operate the satellite receiver, DVD player, PVR, surround sound system, and many other things with one device.


Security systems using cameras will alert you if someone is on your property. This level of security used to cost much and was the reserve of the wealthy, but it is now available to everybody. The television will switch channel if a visitor is detected and you can install a remote door entry system to let your guests in if you wish.


Automatic irrigation systems are cheap and effective. You no longer need to spend hours watering the grass and flower beds in the evenings. They are easy to install and are maintenance-free once they are up and running. You can spend that hour on something productive instead of holding a hosepipe and drinking beer.

The future has much in store for us all. I can’t wait to see what the scientists will come up with next thanks to the digital age. The best thing is that the gadgets are affordable, so most of us can benefit from them. Think about what you could use around the house and enrich your life today.

Image via flickr