Do you seek a home renovation project this year that is fun and will give you, your friends, and family, much pleasure for many years to come? The answer is a games room. These places provide a place of entertainment so that nobody ever needs to get bored again, and they keep much mess and clutter out of the rest of the house.

If the idea captures the interest, read on. Here are some design ideas for the ultimate games room.


The first decision is where to locate the room. If you are lucky enough to have a place with many spare bedrooms, the answer might stare you in the face, but most people need to be a bit more creative.
  • A loft conversion is an ideal solution to the problem, but it is also expensive. If you live in an old building, the roof construction might be in your favour. Modern homes use prefabricated trusses that leave little useable space, so you might need a new roof if you are to convert the loft into a useable room.
  • Maybe there is a large cellar or basement below your feet that  you always thought was useless because of damp. There are companies that specialise in making those places damp free once more. They often apply a waterproof render to the walls and floor which stops damp in its tracks. The underground room might cover the entire footprint of the house; think of the possibilities!
  • Perhaps an external structure will suit your needs if you cannot find space in the main house. The size and quality of the room are entirely dependant on your budget. If you have much money to spend, the designers can create a space-age garden summer house that will match the quality of your home. It could even have a toilet so that you don’t need to return to the main building at a crucial point in the game.

Electrical System

You will need to figure out what equipment is to go into your games room. The desire for video games means that people often own several consoles and a computer on which they can play. All of these products require power to operate.

It is important that you employ a qualified electrician to alter the wiring in your home for safety reasons. They must install enough power outlets in the room so that you do not need to use adapters to plug in extra equipment. Luckily, domestic ring main circuits can handle many outlets, so it is easy to fit as many sockets as you need.

Think about the lighting in the room too. You must use illumination to set an exciting mood in the room that is different from that in the rest of your home. Use LED lights that can operate from a dimmer switch over games tables and neon signs and hidden lighting for dramatic effect.

Interior Decoration

You can abandon all of the rules when you decorate a games room; anything goes. Dark places usually work well so make sure there are blackout blinds or curtains at the windows. Allow the artificial lighting to work for you. The bright colours of the neon, and shadows created by hidden lights will set a dramatic mood in the space.


Install a bar in the room so that you can serve drinks to your guests. You will need tall stools too, so they can sit comfortably. A sofa and armchairs are vital for the kids to slouch on as they play the latest games on the consoles; there is no need for formality here.

Floor Covering

Carpet doesn’t usually work well in amusement arcades; it might not be a good idea in your room either. Think about putting down a more durable surface such as laminate flooring or vinyl. Both products are stain resistant and can withstand cigarette burns better than carpet.

Equipment To Include

Most people have an idea of what they would like to include in the games room, but think about my suggestions; there might be something you never considered.
  • Snooker Table. Those with a vast space would benefit from a snooker table. The popularity of the game has enjoyed a resurgence over the last ten years, and your guests will enjoy trying it for themselves on your table. Of course, this equipment isn’t suitable for most loft conversions where the weight of the slate and proper access are often insurmountable issues.
  • Pool Table. Pool is a little less challenging than snooker, but enjoyable nonetheless. You can pick up a high-quality refurbished table for about three-hundred pounds. They have slate beds as opposed to many tables on sale in shops.
  • Bandit. What games room would be complete without a vintage one-armed bandit? Of course, on your machine nobody ever loses, it is the game that matters. You could keep a tally of who wins the most jackpots so that the winner at the end of the year gets a special prize. There is much enjoyment in these machines.
  • Pinball. Are you a pinball wizard? You could be with an ex-arcade machine. Nothing adds to the ambiance of a games room more than the sound of the machine as the steel ball shoots around the obstacles.
  • Video Games. You will include the latest consoles in the room, but how about a few vintage games machines too. Space Invaders was found in almost every pub and arcade back on the nineteen eighties. Look on internet auction sites for old machines; there are plenty out there.

As you can see, a games room is an exciting addition to any home. It is an awesome place to spend your spare time, so you are never at a loose end. You will enjoy a better social life too, when your friends and family will visit more often than they used to. Because there are no fixed rules to this home upgrade, you can have fun with it. It can cost as little or as much as you are willing to pay, and you can keep adding to it over time. It is one of my favourite home renovations; I hope you think so too.

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