Looking for some design inspiration to refurbish your kitchen? You're in luck, as real estate website Zillow has just released their Home Design Trend Report for 2014.  Below is their prediction of the biggest kitchen trends for 2014:

Black Countertops

Black is likely to be paired with a lighter counter such as marble or light gray for contrast. Materials like quartz and black granite can help to achieve that luxurious, leathery finish.

Open Shelving

No more stashing dinnerware in kitchen cabinets. "It is now fashionable to display almost everything in the kitchen — from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars,” Zillow Digs Board of Designers member Kerrie Kelly says.

Dark Paint Colors

Bright white kitchens are so passe. Today's homeowners prefer rich colors like black, deep brown and dark red and copper tones for their kitchen space. Designers recommend painting just one wall, a ceiling or the floor a deep shade, to prevent the space from feeling too confined.