The kitchen is your creative space where you indulge in different activities that satisfy the creative urge in you. The ambiance around should be something that fans your creative thinking abilities. That is exactly why the Kitchen Interior design assumes a lot of importance when one moves ahead to renovate one's home. The kitchen is indeed the heart of your home, and that is precisely why it requires a careful planning. Froom that perspective, we thought of sharing a few tips to fuel your kitchen interior design plans. 

Ease of Movement
You would want everything to be accessible with least movement. That is exactly you need to think ahead of taking up a kitchen plan. Give a thought to the regular tasks you would be involved. To borrow the words of interior designer Jacqui Hargrove, ensure that the fridge, sink, and cooktop form a triangle for easy access. The maximum distance between the most commonly used items should not be more than 6 feet. Visit for a wide selection of brand and custom cabinets.

The Flooring and Walls
Though not directly related to your kitchen functionality, the flooring and tiles should be aesthetic. Since the kitchen floor is likely to be slippery due to the use of water, they should be safe for walking. Florida tile can be a great option for your needs. Make sure that they are not glossy or slippery. You can use any type of tiles for the backsplash though as they are not subjected to movement. 

Take care of Cleaning
A good interior design can help you cut down considerably on the cleaning time required. Matte finish, for instance, does not catch dirt and thus can be quite easy to clean up. Go for high-quality stones for an easy functionality. Opustone is one of the best options no matter whether you are looking for natural stone or engineered slabs. They would also offer you pure design inspirations and innovative functionality as well.

Choose a Comfortable Color palette
Choose a color palette that goes with your personal taste. Of course, you are spending a considerable time in your kitchen, and the ambiance should be comfortable enough for you. Never fill in too many colors which could get overwhelming. This can make the space more inviting and appear larger than it actually is. If your kitchen is small, it would be a good option to be consistent with your color plan. You can also use stylish architrave to make your kitchen look more catchy.

Proper Lighting
This is probably yet another area you would need to pay attention to. In fact, lighting will not only improve your visibility and functionality inside the kitchen, but it can also aid you in making your kitchen appear larger enough. Recessed lighting inside the ceiling can help you add more brighter lighting. Lighting plays a major role in any kind of interior design and kitchen should not be an excuse. 

Place for Trash
In our enthusiasm, we often the essential element of being in a kitchen. It is possibly one of the places in your that generates a huge amount of trash. Ensure that you have properly planned for stacking the trash. There are different types of trash generated in a kitchen – garbage and recyclables. Make sure you are creating dust bins that are suitably designed and go well enough with the design without making it look odd. You can place a garbage bin behind a door, or somewhere out of the doorway. 

Take Care of safety
That should perhaps be one of the most important requirements in a kitchen renovation plan. Ensure that your kitchen has a good visibility. Opting for a few safety precautions would be much essential. Rounded corners, flooring that does not slip, and proper precautions for the cooking gas are a few options that would need extreme care. Make sure cooktops, microwaves and other similar kitchen equipment are at an adult height so that kids in the house will not indulge themselves in something unsafe.

Well, you do not want to run to a corner of your kitchen whenever you need to use electricity, right? In addition to being unproductive, it would also double up as something that increases fatigue. Ensure that there are enough power points for all your electrical appliances. Thinking ahead of time would be another ideal decision. Make sure you have enough number of additional points for the future purchases.

In Conclusion
That should be a formidable list of the best tips for your kitchen interior design plans. The kitchen is indeed the focal point of your home, and it does need an equal importance when you take up home renovation plan. We assume that the tips we have shared above should provide you enough insight into what you can plan ahead.

If you think the list needs further additions and there are several other ways you can include in your kitchen interior design plan, do share your inputs with us. They would indeed go a long way in helping our readers and us in helping their renovations wisely.