Photographed by Joao Morgado, College Cebes was completed by OVAL - Avelino Oliveira in the municipality of Porto in Portugal. The building is a new and dynamic private secondary school tha tboasts a modern contemporary design and residential architectural characteristics. The fresh structure was designed to blend with the surrounding environment and single-family homes located nearby.

The architects say:

“We maintain very distinctive identity on Avenue Marechal Gomes da Costa (the surrounding characterised by this avenue, with an urban character of low density allows easy access to major highways and ensures stability of the building pattern of the area), and created a proposal for a volume that integrates elements of popular architecture."

The school comprises a cafeteria, kitchen, staff room, waiting room, facilities for staff, students and teachers in the basement, five classrooms and toilets at the ground floor and a series of other five classrooms on the first floor.