Stones are naturally occurring material from the portion of the earth’s crust, and all the stones (rock) are different from each other and each of them has a different chemical composition and exhibits different properties. However, many of them are used in the construction industry. There are several stones such as granite, marble, quartz, and more, which are used for construction purposes. You can check out Premier Pavers - Stone Supplier in Melbourne, they have a huge variety of stones for building construction.  

Some stones which are used in the construction of the building are mentioned below:

1. Granite
These types of stones are tough, long-lasting, and present in several colors. Granite is able to bear high weathering. In creating road metal, bridge elements, retentive walls, stone columns, ballast for railways, foundation, stonework, and coarse aggregates in concrete granite stone is employed. Granite may be used in walls' protective cover.

2. Basalt
Another word traps may be used to describe basalt. Generally, building and road construction material is basalt stones. You may find them in several colors. Towards weathering, basalt has good resistance, as it is not influenced by wetness, and is very hard to wear in precise shapes.

3. Sandstone
Sandstone is an example of sedimentary rock. The combination of sandstone with silica cement is used in the construction of heavy structures. They are available in several colors like white, gray, red, brown, and yellow. These stones may be used in construction works, dams, piers, and walls of the river. 

4. Marble
Marbles are composed of calcium carbonate and aragonite or dolomite. It is formed by the pressure exerted on sediments of the upper layers, which are usually algae, corals, or calcium carbonate sediments. It is so-called as Sanandaj stone. Marble is available in milk-white but due to impurities that combine to form the raw materials of the stone, the colors are pink, black, cream, white, mustard, brown, green, red, and more. It is usually used in the construction of flooring of buildings and stairs. 

5. Limestone
Some of the oldest buildings all over the world are made up of limestone. Limestone is having a high percentage of calcium carbonate.

6. Quartzite
Quartzite rock is transformed to 100% pure quartz sandstone with the help of heat and pressure. Quartz stones suits kitchen walls and also in cabinets, also it is much more long-lasting than granite. Additionally, they may be used for decoration nearby stairs, tiles, and floors. They may also be used on top of railway construction as they are harder. Quartzite can be said to be a very hard and functional stone as it is highly resistant to cold, heat, acidic materials, weathering, and abrasion. Commonly available colors in quartzite are brown, red, and gray. They are also easy to clean, you may easily clean the dust from the surface by using cloth. 

7. Slate
You may find various variations of buildings that are made up of slate. The common colors of slate are dark gry, greenish gry, and also purple-gray and all of them give classy look to the building.