You wouldn't have guessed what this building represents upon first gaze, but this primary school in Bangalore by Indian firm Cadence was designed for a compact site in a residential neighborhood of the city. They added a decorative frieze on the facade made up of alphabets with holes in them, like "e" and "o."

"The school was conceived [as] a conglomeration of myriad child fantasies," said the architects. "These included letters coalescing to form the elevation, to little nooks and corners for children to hide in, to little peep holes in every door and multiple other experiences."

The first floor hosts wiggly ceiling panels, shelving and meandering walls that encircle tables and chairs in the corridor. A large balcony provides an outdoor play area, featuring a horseshoe-shaped wall painted in colorful stripes. On the second and third floors, oddly-shaped apertures from the facade's lettering create windows at different heights.

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