Imagine being trapped in a building with no windows. What would that be like? The concept for the "Bubble Building" in Shanghai gets imagined as an existing structure that covers the windows with a series of nylon pockets that appear to breathe based on the amount of activity from the inside.

Design studio 3Gatti offers this concept and it looks like what the Michelin Man would if he were a building.

There are plants between the framed glass panes and the billowing antibacterial textile creates what the designers describe to ArchDaily as a “micro-greenhouse” effect. It insulates the indoors and keeps temperatures moderate and comfortable year round.

There's no view at all, so if you're aiming for that corner office with a view, you can pretty much forget it. But if the science of the building is efficient, it may just be better to forgo a view to have a highly efficient HVAC system.

Still, getting away from it all for a few minutes a day would be nice. And that means looking down at people and cars like they were ants from your beautiful corner office. Check out a few more pictures of the concept building in the gallery: [ArchDaily]