Stones are naturally occurring material from the portion of the earth’s crust, and all the stones (rock) are different from each other and each of them has a different chemical composition and exhibits different properties. However, many of them are used in the construction industry. There are several stones such as granite, marble, quartz, and more, which are used for construction purposes. You can check out Premier Pavers - Stone Supplier in Melbourne, they have a huge variety of stones for building construction.  

Some stones which are used in the construction of the building are mentioned below:

1. Granite
These types of stones are tough, long-lasting, and present in several colors. Granite is able to bear high weathering. In creating road metal, bridge elements, retentive walls, stone columns, ballast for railways, foundation, stonework, and coarse aggregates in concrete granite stone is employed. Granite may be used in walls' protective cover.

2. Basalt
Another word traps may be used to describe basalt. Generally, building and road construction material is basalt stones. You may find them in several colors. Towards weathering, basalt has good resistance, as it is not influenced by wetness, and is very hard to wear in precise shape