Retractable awnings are used to protect the environment from harsh conditions like sunlight, dust or rain fall. These awnings play an important part in the protection of an indoor environment. If you are looking for the best rated retractable awnings for your home, here are some of them. In this article, you will be able to get the best features of retractable awnings with economical prices. 

MCombo  Rated Retractable Awning:
MCombo Company offers one of the best rate retractable awnings in the market. It will protect you from a hot and cold environment. 

Holding capacity of this retractable awning is about 330 pounds and its top can hold up to 44 pounds of weight.
Dimensions are 40”X120”/40”X80”/40”X40”
Fixing bars are made up of aluminum, which prevents rusting and increases durability. 
It provides safe and sound shelter from the rain, snow, UV lights and dust.
You have to measure the door and window before purchasing the retractable awnings, it will help you in deciding that which will fit best.
ABS plastic Brackets are used in manufacturing; these are durable and resistant to all time of weather conditions.

ALEKO Rated Retractable Awning:
ALEKO is famous for making the best rated retractable awnings for years. The plastic used in it is made up of durable fabric, which can spend many years. There is no need for electricity for its operation. It provides the best and relaxing outdoor environment.

It can be open and close within less than one minute
It includes wall mounting brackets and the fabric dimension is about 9.8x 8 feet.
It can be used easily with the help of two strong and reliable arms that are placed vertically. 
ALEKO offers top rated retractable awning without the expenditure of electricity.
Sunsetter Rated Retractable Awning:
Sunsetter Rated Retractable Awning includes multilayer vinyl material for the construction. It is considered as best material because it has the ability to proof 99.9% UV rays and water.
Maintaining is very easy and flame resistant; it can be easily installed on wood, brick or aluminum. 
It is capable of providing shade up to 10ft of width and it takes 2 to 3 hours for installation. 
The company offers a 5-year warranty.
It promises to make your patio as much as 18 to 20-degrees cooler.
The company offers 90 days home trial.
ADVANING Rated Retractable Awning:
This awning is available in many colors like brick red, khaki, black, ocean blue and sunny yellow. It comes with acrylic material that offers great protection against storm, dust, snow, rain and UV lights. 
The strength of this Awning is maintained by the aluminum-alloy tube that offers great strength for many years.
The company offers these best top rated retractable awnings with 5 years of warranty.
The fabric used in the making of awning is made up of 100% acrylic with water repellent technique.
Available in the size of 14’x10’ with 3 loop systems.  It can be easily open and closes manually 
This awning is made up of a 40x40mm steel frame.
The diameter of the roller tube is about 70mm.