Most of us love being able to spend as much time in our gardens as possible, making the most of the weather and the outdoors from the comfort of our homes. The problem is that the weather is often unpredictable, either choosing to rain when undesired or providing enough heat and direct sunlight to make being outdoors for any length of time simply uncomfortable.

But there is an answer, in the form of the outdoor awning. In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly why making use of retractable awnings and roofs may be the best decision you ever make.

1. Extend the Usable Area of Your Home 
The ability to enjoy the outdoors whilst still being sheltered and protected from the elements shouldn’t be overlooked. Fitting a suitable retractable awning to the rear elevation of your property is a great way to provide shade for your patio area, allowing you to make the most of your garden come rain or shine. 

Simply extend to provide shade in the heat and shelter from the rain and retract when the weather provides a more comfortable environment or starts to cool. 

2. Reduce Your Energy Bills
Those of us who live in warm climates often need to make use of air conditioning systems to ensure that we remain comfortable when indoors. The issue is that these systems can be expensive to run and can often struggle when the mercury begins to climb due to the presence of solar gain.

The installation of awnings is going to provide shade not only to your patio area but to the walls and windows of your home, preventing the sun from entering and reducing the internal temperature. Put simply, reduced solar gains allows your air conditioning system to work a little less hard and therefore consume less electricity.

3. Protect Your Family and Your Possessions  
Staying out of the sun isn’t just about remaining comfortable. The sun emits harmful UV light which can severely damage the skin as well as go on to cause other illnesses. In addition, excessive UV light can also damage the interior of your home, causing materials to lose their colour and even warp and change shape.

Installing awnings can go a long way to offset this danger as both your homes occupants and your possessions will be protected whenever the awning is deployed. 

4. They Can be Fitted with a Range of Accessories
Most retractable roofs and external awnings can be specified with a range of accessories. Such accessories can include built in lighting, perfect for use at night as well as mist systems which can provide a cooling shower of mist to cool the people sitting below. 

The type of accessories that can be fitted will depend on the awnings you have installed, but most manufacturers will provide a catalogue, outlining your options. 

5. They are Very Durable
The best awning systems on the market will come with a storm rating which provides an indication as to how resistant they are to strong winds. What this means in reality is that most outdoor awnings can be used on the windiest of days, without the fear of your new awnings being ripped from their housing. In contrast, most umbrellas and parasols are only suitable for the lightest of winds before they become a hazard and are in danger of injuring those nearby. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, retractable awnings are suitable for installation in both residential and commercial properties and provide for a far more effective and versatile solution than traditional methods of outdoor weather protection.