If your business finds itself needing to do some quick construction, then look no further than steel. Steel offers everything you could possibly want when constructing either temporary or permanent fixtures. They are quick and easy to install, lightweight, durable and offer a whole host of other benefits when compared to other common materials such as wood or brick.

Easy Installation

Steel frames are designed and produced beforehand so that when they arrive on site, the constituent pieces just need to be joined together. This dramatically reduces both the time it takes to erect the buildings and the manpower required to do so.


Because steel structures consist of a series of interlinking pieces, they can be dismantled and stored when not in use, and then taken out and reconstructed when needed. This makes them ideal for structures such as offices on construction sites.

If you are planning on reusing the steel building you purchase multiple times, then you will want to make sure that you invest in the very best quality steel buildings available. Planning what features and dimensions your building has is important – you can visit the Armstrong Steel website for an online step by step design process that allows visitors to pick and choose features for their building.

The metal building kits available from Armstrong Steel are among the best available and will last as long as you need them to, both in storage and in the field.

Cost Effective

Steel frames cost less upfront, are cheaper to set up, and require little to no maintenance. Add in the fact that they can be used over and over again and you have a clearly cost-effective construction option. Steel parts are all measured out beforehand. This means that there is no waste material and consequently you only pay for what you need. This is in contrast to timber, where the pieces are cut slightly oversized and then cut down to account for human error.


Steel is one of the most resilient construction materials there. It isn’t prone to oxidation (rust) like many other metals. In fact, it holds up in all kinds of weather, only buckling with extreme temperature fluctuations.
As well as being resistant to the elements, steel is also physically strong and difficult to deform or fracture. Once a steel frame piece has been manufactured, it retains its shape in all but the most exceptional of circumstances.

High-Quality Structures

The buildings that result from the use of steel parts are of an exceptional quality relative to both the price of raw materials and construction and the time it takes to put them together. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t degrade with age. This means that steel buildings are suitable for both short and long-term construction. Steel’s versatility has meant that it is now used in all manner of applications, from temporary classrooms and other buildings for schools during renovations, to temporary accommodation for festivals and other events.


In terms of its strength to weight ratio, steel is one of the strongest metals in existence. Because it is so lightweight, it is easy to work with and, more important, incredibly durable. Steel is naturally resistant to corrosion and is unlikely to become damaged or deformed by everyday use.

If you have any construction needs in the near future then consider steel if you have not done so already