Everyone is slowly starting to realize that making changes for energy saving in the home or the office will not just serve the planet, but it can also save a great deal of money annually. These are some simple steps that you can use for your business to start saving money today:

Turn Everything Off

Each office has so many electrical items like monitors, computers, and printers, but there are a number of products that can save you even more money when you turn them off. Turn off the microwaves, kettles, sweets and drinks machines right at the plug, and be sure to pull all mobile devices out of the sockets. You can also install security lights that will switch on when motion is detected. You can even have bathroom lights, communal lobby lights, or reception areas switched off when not in use.

To easily implement, it will help to put together a daily check list of these actions.

Regulate Your Air Conditioning and Heating With A Timer

Make sure that the heating and air conditioning is off or turned way down whenever nobody is in the office. There will be no point in spending money on energy for cooling or heating empty rooms.

Next, you can monitor just how much you need to have your air conditioning or heat on during the day, working to constantly adjust timers wherever necessary. It is often commonplace where an office is too cold or overheated, so try to keep temperatures constant.

Recycle Everything

Everyone should have an opportunity to separate their trash so that it will be easy for the maintenance staff to sort out the rubbish by items that either can or cannot be recycled. There are many people who recycle at home, so there is no reason why you cannot recycle at your place of business.

Never Waste Anything

Printed pages are one of the top wasteful habits within an office environment. Cutting back on printed paper can be an easy policy to implement. You can also make sure that you purchase recycled paper, as it will cost just about the same as regular paper, yet it comes from sustainable sources.

This can encourage employees to embrace simple steps for reducing energy costs and some of the office bills immediately.

Other helpful options for your business may include:

•    Solar panel installation, or photovoltaic cells that generate your own electricity and heat. However, there will be more costly with a longer period for paying back.

•    A new boiler if your heating system is old – it saves energy and costs and you can even utilise a boiler rental scheme if you don’t want to outlay all costs at once.

•    Source out your energy from a supplier of green energy.

Draught Proofing.

Complete an assessment of your draught proofing around the building, eliminating areas that may be losing heat.

Purchase recycled products whenever possible.

Finally, there are a number of customers that will consider a green policy a deciding factor for their purchases. If you work to create and implement a good green policy and you promote it with your marketing efforts, you will be saving money while also bringing in new business.