Women need a small space to get away especially if she has children or a partner. It needs to be along the lines of a man cave but for women. The she shed is a perfect hideaway for many women. It's small, adorable and out of the way for her to hide. Traditionally, the bathroom was often a getaway where women would hide and relax, but there are only so many things you can do in the bath. The she shed is a trend that makes more sense.

Who Needs a She Shed?

Every woman who wants to have her own space that's cozy and intimate where she can relax, have a few drinks with friends or participate in hobbies and interests would enjoy a she shed. While there might be a space in the home that you retreat to when you need to destress, it's not going to be yours like a shed would.

Purpose of a She Shed and Furnishings

The ultimate she shed is often a tiny, cozy space where there isn't room for a lot of clutter. You'll have to decide the purpose of your shed to determine how you'd like to decorate the space.

If it's a place to curl up with a good book, you'll need a comfortable, overstuffed chair to relax. Bookshelves and a reading lamp would be essential in a shed used as a reading nook.

A shed used to entertain company should have some seating. The size of the shed will determine the size of the furniture. A grouping of two chairs and a small loveseat would work perfectly. Don't forget a rug to warm up the space.

An artist or writer would need the tools of their craft in the shed. An easel and paints or a desk and computer might be all that a creative person needs to escape in the shed.

Women who are trying to create their own clothing line, or who enjoy making garments can use a shed as a dressmaking workshop. They'll need space for materials as well as a sewing machine and drafting table.

The shed can also be used for a traditional purpose, which is a potting shed where you can keep plants and gardening supplies. Often, the shed can have a dual purpose. It can house supplies and plants while also being a reading nook or a space for friends to gather.

Essential Shed Components

A she shed will need a beautiful view, so there should be large windows to give you a view that is both relaxing and inspiring. Before placing the shed, it's important to think about where it'll have the best landscape. A window facing the house might not be the best choice unless you'd like to be distracted by your family who can see you too. You can find all the information you need on this NSW sheds building website.

If the space will be used at night or for a writer's retreat, you'll need some electricity to power lamps, computers and sewing machines. You could string some lights and power cords from the house, but that can be slightly dangerous in certain weather conditions. It's best to have wiring added to the shed.

If you like coffee, tea or wine in your outdoor retreat, you'll want to set up a simple bar or coffee station. The outlets will help with that, but you might need a small refrigerator for the she shed. It would be more convenient to have your wine accessible in the shed than cart everything you'll need from the main house.

Budget Decor

A she shed lends itself to shabby chic decor, which can be found at flea markets, garage sales and used marketplaces. It can become a wonderful ongoing project to design your cozy little space in the backyard. Here are some more she shed design ideas that you can use as an inspiration.

You might be able to furnish and decorate the space with things found inside the home too. Before heading out to the store, check the basement and attic to see what you can repurpose. While men have their little workshops, you can have a little workshop for projects too.

When it comes to the shed, you won't have to worry about anyone else's tastes and desires. You can make it as feminine and pretty as you'd like without feeling like you're smothering your partner's maleness. It's your space to decorate as you wish.

It's easy to see why a she shed escape is such a hot trend right now. It gives a woman a great place to escape since it's a space all her own. The children will know to leave their mom alone when she's in her she shed.