The food and Beverages industries like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and even Danone prefer to use their branded refrigerators as a way of maintaining their market margins. These commercial assets cost more than five billion dollars annually to maintain. There are more than thirty million branded refrigerators that are active globally.

For years, these companies used Elstat devices for Energy Management as a means of using intelligence to manage power consumption in the branded fridges. The Elstat group added sensing technologies to these Elstat Devices for Energy Management by using the Nexo IoT solution. This has revolutionized the functionality of these coolers. This intelligence technology enables companies to get operation and commercial information from the POS directly.

What exactly is the Nexo Cooler?
Any ordinary cooler can cool drinks or foods with ease. However, a smart cooler, like the Nexo cooler, can do so much more. With the Nexo IoT technology, the cooler equipment is transformed into a smart business product. This new technology enables businesses to capture real time data on sales, and performance. Also, coolers will have the ability to generate data for product inventory.

How Nexo Works
The IoT solution by Nexo is the cause of the current Elstat brand success. This technology works by:
Using the cooler hardware components to connect devices and sensors. This helps to secure data for the coolers.
The technology enables business investments to get real time information on sales.
It also offers consulting programs.

Knowing how to implement the use of IoT tech in any business is vital in the business world. Nexo has introduced this technology into the connected coolers. This allows the Nexo brand to expand its brand influence in the cooled drinks industry.

How Nexo Helps To Maximize Your Investments
Nexo has always worked to help businesses to increase the financial capacity of the company. Through the Nexo analytics solutions, Nexo helps companies to experience increased sales margins. The brand also gives a business the ability to observe and at the same time control marketing equipment. Businesses can also analyse the negative and positive attitude of their consumers.

This technological discovery has a positive impact on businesses. It provides supports to all Nexo clients by bringing together technology and business. This technology enables companies to locate and even remotely manage their cooling equipment. Through this technology, it is estimated that businesses save more than $70 per cooler. This is a high ROI experienced within the last two years.

Who Are Elstat Group?
The Elstat group is amongst the leading industrial companies in the refrigeration solutions market. The company was established in 1996 and has its headquarters located in the United Kingdom with a staff of more than 90 employees.

Elstat group is constantly looking for technology innovations to apply through the products and services the company offers. Through the Nexo coolers technological innovation, Elstat has provided a better kind of cooling technology. The smart cooler solution by Nexo is one of their latest innovations in the cooling technology.

In 2016, Elstat launched a partnered with Bosch group as a strategy of securing guarantees for its future developments.