Have you ever wondered how those professionals can cut the wood, photo frames, furniture, and others neatly? It is like they have a machine that can cut it accurately. The truth is they do. They use a miter saw for that job. This unique machine can provide not only an accurate, neat and precision way to saw and cut the material. But, its electric-powered engine also gives you the easiest way to cut the material. Do you want to have one? If you want to buy miter saw for the homeowner, there are at least three things you need to consider.

Saw Size

Generally, you can have two sizes for the saw you can choose. They are 10 inches and 12 inches of size saw. Each of them has different functions and advantage. For 10 inch saw, it cost less than 12 inches saw. Moreover, it has fewer teeth, which means you don’t need to spend too much money to sharpen it. The small size also allows it to spin faster and uses low amps. It cut down the electrical bill you need to pay.

The 12 inches has the advantage of its bigger size. It delivers more power than the small one. It’s a perfect choice if you plan to cut hard material or big size material. With just one move, you can cut it till the end. So, choose the size that matches how you want to use miter saw later.

Laser Guide

Do you want a super accurate cutting work? If you want to do it, a laser guide is an important thing to consider. Buying miter saw with laser guide help you to cut the material more accurately. The laser will tell you where the blade will cut the material. It lowers the risk of mistake or error that comes from your mistake in adjusting the distance or position.

When you decide to use a miter saw with a laser guide, make sure you place the saw indoor. If you use it for outdoor work, you will have a problem to see the laser light. It is difficult to aim the laser guide to the place on your material that you want to cut.

Sliding or Compound Miter Saw

The sliding miter saw has a special rail that allows you to cut longer and wider material than a compound miter saw. This saw help you to do precisely and accurate cut easily. On the other hand, compound miter saw has more flexibility than the sliding type. It doesn’t have rail, so you have the freedom to move the material around and shape the cut like what you want. It is perfect for making small and detailed woodwork like picture frames and such. On the other hand, compound miter saws have more flexibility.


As you can see, choosing a miter saw from your home is easy. You just need to consider those three factors. The last thing you may need to do is choosing the brand that you like. For this one, you can always use the review on the internet. They will give you more insight into the best brand that has the perfect miter saw.