Is your air conditioner losing its cool? It may be time to upgrade. Here are seven signs it's time for you to get a new AC unit.

If you're trying to do what's right for your home air conditioning, sometimes it's best to cut to the chase and buy a new one. 

Repairs and troubleshooting are necessary, but sometimes it's best to just buy a new AC altogether. You should shop around with a contractor that can sell you a new HVAC system, but first, you need to know when it's time. 

Below we'll take a look at the signs that you need new air conditioning. 

Buy a New AC Unit on Your Terms
It's important to purchase a new air conditioner when the signs are clear. 

A contractor in the area can help you out when you need a new air conditioning unit Escondido homeowners of all types would be proud to own. Definitely reach out when you're experiencing the following:

1. Your AC Bills are Getting too High
When you're noticing that your energy costs are getting outrageous, it's definitely important that you look into a new replacement. 

Since the air conditioner uses a lot of the energy that powers your entire home, high energy bills are a dead giveaway that something is wrong with your system. Spikes in energy bills happen from time to time, especially as the seasons change, but you should be mindful of them when they get too high. 

Keep an eye on your bills each month, and take the time to get to the bottom of any extreme spikes that happen. 

2. The Noises Coming From Your AC are Loud and Unusual
You should always keep tabs on the sounds that your air conditioner is emitting. 

If you are noticing clanging or pinging sounds, it could be due to the fact that something has become detached and is circulating through your system. If the system sounds like it's laboring too heavily, it could be due to a clog or blockage in your AC vents your airways. 

You should be especially mindful of these noises if your air conditioner is 10 years old or older. When it's this old, it's just about time to opt for a change anyway.
3. The System is Breaking Down on a Regular Basis
Your system will need to change if it's breaking down with regularity. 

While maintenance checks and troubleshooting come with the territory, you really shouldn't be needing to get air conditioning service on a regular basis. If you find that you are spending more time and effort into your air conditioner than it is actually worth, you'll definitely need to switch gears and buy a new unit instead.  

That way you'll save money over the years while getting better overall air conditioning service.
4. It Uses Old Standards of Freon
When industry standards change, you'll need to be aware of how they affect your household products. For instance, new environmental standards might put a halt on old production methods or materials that were once the norm. 

The Federal government is phasing out R-22 Freon little by little. 

R-22 Freon has been used in refrigerators and air conditioners for years. It's a type of gas that can be harmful to the environment. 

After 2020, air conditioning manufacturers and repair contractors will no longer be able to use this gas in their work. If you already have a system that uses R-22 Freon, you can also adapt by changing out your current AC. 

Look into your specific model and brand and see if the manufacturer has put out a warranty or recall notice. 

5. Everything Around the System is Leaking
If you see that your air conditioner is producing excess moisture, you should definitely get it checked out and replaced. 

When your air conditioner is always leaking, it can eventually cause serious damage throughout your entire home. It's common to run into mold problems once your air conditioner starts to leak, so you might wind up spending even more money getting rid of this damage. 

6. You've Expanded Your Home Since the Initial Installation
When your home has received an addition of any sort, you definitely need to think about upgrading your air conditioning system. 

Since the cold air has more square footage to cover, it's important that you upgrade to a more powerful system that can get the job done. 

You might also want to look into different climate control settings that you can set up to accommodate the new room or other addition.  

7. You'd Like to Upgrade to Newer Technology
Changing to newer, fresher technology is always a great move for a homeowner. 

When essentials like your air conditioner are already top of the line, you will get a more favorable appraisal of your property and can get a return on your investment if you list your home on the market. 

Property values aside, new HVAC technology is downright intriguing and has new features that make your home incredibly comfortable.

Check around to see what new bells and whistles today's air conditioners have. 

Look Into Purchasing a New Air Conditioning System
Buying a new AC can transform your home. When you are aware of these points, you will be able to know when it's time to install a new system. 

You'll need to understand the ins and outs of buying a new air conditioning system so you can make the right decision when it's time. From there, you can link up with an HVAC shop that can help you more. 

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