The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is usually the busiest space and often has many different functions. When thinking about your kitchen renovation, it’s essential to come up with a design that works for you, your lifestyle and your renovation budget. 

Here are five kitchen renovation ideas to get you thinking in the right direction.

How will you use your kitchen

There are many other different styles of kitchens.  A traditional style would suit an older home, contemporary and modern for open space living and a galley kitchen would suit a small space. 

Often, the use of a kitchen goes beyond cooking. When thinking about the design of your new kitchen, consider if the kitchen is going to be used for any other functions such as kids homework supervision. When entertaining do your friends and family often gather in the kitchen, do you have a busy family, would a study nook be useful.

How about space? Is your home small? Could you include your laundry appliances in the kitchen to save space elsewhere?
Even if you have a traditional dining room, you may still want some eating space in your kitchen. Where is this going to be located? How much seating is needed, and what type?

Consider where windows and plumbing will be located to take advantage of the best views and functionality.  Even consider where you will need powerpoints situated to ensure maximum usability.

Hide the clutter and appliances

A butler’s pantry is a dream for hiding the functions of a kitchen, but it’s not always possible if space or budget don’t allow for one.

There are still ways you can hide away the clutter and appliances with smarter cupboard design and location. Think about locating powerpoints in the cupboards so that you’re not always moving appliances from cupboards to powerpoint locations.

Also, consider ventilation for appliances such as a microwave. While it’s nice to hide this away, you’ll soon be replacing your microwave if there is insufficient ventilation.

An Island Bench

There are pros and cons to including an island bench in your kitchen. Often, an island bench is a gathering spot and provides a great space for day to day eating rather than using a formal dining room. However, it can take up valuable room in a smaller area and could be more of a hindrance than a practical inclusion. 

Think about how you will use an island bench. An idea could be to include a cooktop or sink on the bench to free up other bench space and to allow for better flow in the kitchen.

A professional plumber, such as Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions, can help you design your kitchen. They will ensure maximum use of space and the appropriate location of plumbing and gas connections.

Zone it

A well functioning kitchen should have different zones.  Zones to be considered are storage, preparation, cooking, cleaning, and serving. These zones should all come together to flow through the kitchen.  For example, think where you’re going to prepare food and include an under bench bin in that area.  Keep food preparation areas close to the sink and cooktop, so you’re not dashing all over the kitchen preparing food.  Consider the location of items such as ovens and dishwashers that have opening doors. Keep these out of walkways so that you’re not forever dodging them in the kitchen.


Gone are the days when the standard set of kitchen appliances are an oven, fridge, microwave and kettle! These days there is a myriad of appliances for your kitchen.  Standard items now also include a dishwasher, coffee maker, cake stand mixer and even wine a fridge.

When choosing appliances, you don’t necessarily need to go for the top brand names.  Many homeowners are now shying away from brand names in favour of products that provide the same functionality but with extra warranty support.

Think about where your appliances will be located.  If you’re going for a modern or contemporary style kitchen, the trend is to hide many appliances in cupboards and blend them into the kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting time for the homeowner. Always keep functionality and affordability in mind as this is a renovation you will be living with for a long time to come.  And with any improvement always use professional and qualified trades.

Adelaide Kitchen Renovations can also be difficult if not done by a professional that can handle the job from end to end, so it is important to consult with a professional.