Home, the first place where we need to get more relaxation and feel of fresh and seeing those old items in the house can seriously make us drive or bored after sometime. So, why don't you take a chance to improve the value of your house within just a month? 

Just with the help of little bit changes and updating gadgets can give you a new total look which will surely admire you later. Although, start with the few changes in your home includes heavy duty tension shower curtain rods, yes, this simple design and yet very effective curtain rods can give you the power to install them easily without any use of tools. 

Also, take a dip into new the category of kitchen appliances such as automatic coffee maker, or even those uppermost style curtains for the windows that are usually known as "Valances."

However, these are just a kind of example for you; the other important ideas are given below.

3 Ways to Improve Your Home Value inA Month:

1. Start with the kitchen:

Do you know your kitchen is the main area in your home which attracts everyone eyes in the first meeting? If you want to boost your home value, then it is necessary for you to improve the overall look and texture of your kitchen. 


Replace your old appliances with the latest technologies ever.
Try to cover the extra wall with family/friends photo frames stick on it. 
Putting half-length curtains over the windows to give it a more luxurious look.
Packed your kitchen full of light color tiles such as creamy or off white (this will create a big space look of the kitchen).
Pick up a good quality soap dispenser which can be fixed easily near to your kitchen sink.

However, these simple changes can create a huge impact over the look of your entire kitchen and further boost its actual value.

2. Greenery should be the best option:

You need to plant some valuable trees outside of your home, which actually provides you with a solid benefit of a fresh feeling and also it is a good way to increase the value of your house. 


Trees are very effective to give your house some environmental benefits.
You can place some trees at the main entrance of your house.
Long trees can increase your privacy and also help with storm drainage.
Small pot planting on your roof would be very beneficial for the protection of heat rays.

Although having trees and plants near the house can give your house a more valuable look and of course, it looks classy.

3. Reinvent your home interiors with a touch of fresh paint:

You will get the complete idea about this one from many websites over the internet, where they usually tell you everything regarding the changes and all. However, when you change the color of your house with fresh painting, it will increase the visual value which can stay long lasting.


If you want to limit down your expenses of painting, then do it to yourself.
Choose color wisely, and most importantly, start painting with top to the end. 
You can add some little amount of colorful soft furnishings such as room darkening and noise reduction curtainsand as well as some other inexpensive yet non-permanent items into the house, for example, mirrors or any kind of artwork.
Always paint a good and fresh color to your kitchen and bathrooms; they are the main attractions.

So, just a fresh touch-up of paint onto the walls can change the visual impact completely. However, the important task is to choose a color, in which people failed to pick up the perfect one for their homes, so choose it wisely.

Final Verdict:

These little amounts of changes can turn your home into a brand new one, from both inside and outside. All you just need it some patience and time. If you want to improve the value of the house, then it takes a lot more time and effort by which you can see the long-lasting consequences. 

So, try one of these above-mentioned ideas and change the life of your home.