Chances are, you have thought about your dream custom kitchen design. So much of our lives are spent in a kitchen, cooking, entertaining, and even just sitting at the counter chatting. The kitchen is the center of the home, and we deserve one that's dreamy to us. How do you picture yours when you close your eyes? 
Everything from pop culture to decades-old shifts in design influences the kind of kitchens we want today. And there's no replacement for good taste. But if you never want your "modern" kitchen design to suddenly seem locked into the past, it's important also to consider what the prevailing trends are today.

Different Styles for Different Types of Homes

Don't be afraid to push back against any trend in favor of your specific preferences and needs. A kitchen perfectly suited to a young family may not incorporate many luxury kitchen design cues, while a well off bachelor might aim for a level of cold sophistication in his. Dwellings are not created equal either -- a custom kitchen design should complement the design of the rest of your home.
Above all, remember that it's the personal touches that turn a house into a home and the kitchen into the heart of the home. Be confident enough to go off script and stand firm in your choice of fit and finish.

What Is Trending in 2019

It’s the era of variety. 

Modern kitchen design has always embraced the ideas of flow and elegance, yet find harmony in contradiction as well. Minimalized surfaces but with eye-catching, textured backsplashes; maximized functionality but a soft spot for open shelves. 

2019 brings us contemporary sensibilities mixed with at least a hint of vintage flair.

Cost of Kitchen Decor in 2019

The average cost of a kitchen remodel will be a hefty sum no matter the year, especially when you’re aiming for a luxury or customized build. But the actual total will depend on a number of individual factors unique to your situation, so it does little good to speculate other than getting ballpark numbers.

But pricing out individual aspects of your kitchen design and decor is a much simpler proposition. 

You can easily check the costs of general styles and materials online. If you’re at the stage where you have details of the plan and an inkling of which designers and manufacturers you want to work with, request quotes and more information from them directly. 

Start comparing, and don’t feel pressured to move the project forward until you’re reasonably satisfied with the numbers.

What to Consider When Choosing a New Style

As you begin to roughly flesh out your custom kitchen design, it’s best to break it down into sections. Just as no man is an island, no kitchen is more than the sum of its parts. Aside from details like furnishing and hardware, don’t forget the importance of the layout, and elements like an island or dedicated pantry.

Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinetry will always be front and center, so it’s paramount to get it right. Aside from the usual considerations of style, color, and surface type, don’t hesitate to make them a real statement piece.

Specialty cabinets can be a centering element to pull a whole design together, or a one-off that adds dramatic functionality to a certain part of an existing design.

Kitchen Tiles

Tilework can be relegated to secondary status in a luxury kitchen design, but it’s so much more satisfying when it stands on its own as a feature. There are many ways to play with even basic configurations, like using contrast caulking and changing the orientation of how the tiles are laid out.

Whether it is an all-over backsplash, a small feature wall, or floor tiles, investigate shapes and sizing, color and pattern variations, and differently textured surfaces. Some can be used to carry through glass or metal themes if you seek a continuous look, or be used to break up the monotony. 

When you finally get to the decor and accessories part of a luxury kitchen design, it seems like it’d be time to phone it in, but in fact, it’s the stress relieving step of the design process. After the back and forth of choosing and obtaining items, revising wall and floor plans, and managing all budgetary concerns, picking out the decor and storage are nice.

Take this time to remind yourself that a kitchen isn’t skin deep; you will live in and interact with it every single day. These final touches help inform the atmosphere your kitchen will have once it’s complete and ideally make it an easier, more natural room to utilize.

Trending Kitchen Styles in 2019

Without further preamble or ado, here are five en vogue kitchen styles of 2019.

The literal variety and harmony in contradiction: Mixing and matching textures, materials, and entire design movements. Think of rustic farmhouse plus industrial glass and steel. The Arts and Crafts kitchen space we design, for example, brings modularity to the forefront. Turning your kitchen into more than a room for cooking, it also immediately serves as a hub for living and working together.

Color: Cabinetry, or doors, or shelves, of all hues -- from vivid technicolor to dark neutrals and every shade in between. Colorful (or patterned) accenting upholstery and appliances work, too. Alternatively, for more subtle changes, try out classic colors in matte finishes. 

Concealed storage and integrated appliances: This helps any kitchen pull double duty as fully functional and a sleek, pulled together a part of any minimal open floor plan. Our Artika kitchen is an excellent example of a kitchen which seamlessly becomes a part of the larger room, hiding in plain sight.

We are living in a material world: And we are all material girls. From exposed wood beams overhead to butcher block countertops and reclaimed wood islands to finishes in leather, stone, copper, aluminum, more wood...there has never been a better time to expand the materials of your luxury kitchen design. The Pedini K016 design, in particular, offers a plethora of surfaces to outfit with our range of materials and finishes.

The usual suspects: Some things don’t really go out of style. At least not yet. Large centerpiece sinks and statement hood/range combos, tall backsplash, hanging pendant lighting, shaker, and two-tone cabinets, statement tilework, and dark flooring with light uppers; Today’s kitchen staples go on and on and into tomorrow.