There is a difference between selling the house you want and selling the house you have. You may not have the money to do the repairs that are necessary. This could be a challenge if you’re to sell a house because buyers are always picky. Houston Capital Home Buyers is the solution as they buy ugly houses with no questions asked. This could be a big relief if you’re looking to sell the house quickly and don’t have the time to go through the usual preparations. There are some remedies you could also try out if you’re selling an ugly house.

Money Is Everything

You can still get a price for your home even if it is an eyesore but it won’t fetch for much, unfortunately. The price has to be right in order to get an offer. Even the house is in a bad state, it will be encouraging to know that it is definitely not unsalable. The pricing should be lowered just enough to take care of the necessary repairs.

Don’t Always Assume The Worse

You might think that no one could buy your home with state that it is in. There is always a buyer if the price is right. There are real estate agents who will not see it as a big deal and are more concerned about the value above anything else. There are some issues that might feel major to you but are not even a problem. Some of the issues include:

·        An outdated house
·        No air conditioning
·        The flooring is in a bad state
·        Mildew and mold issues
·        Shabby looking exterior

A major issue would be when there is a structural damage or problem with the foundation. Anything that can be fixed should not be a big cause of concern.

Focus On The Positives

Even though the home might look shabby in some areas, it will at least have a couple of redeemable features. This should be your main point of focus when you’re trying to sell the house. Make sure to improve on the areas that are possible. Focusing on the positives doesn’t mean you’re assuming that there are no problems with the home.

Be Transparent

This is especially true if you’re selling a house that is in a bad state. Buyers have the right to know all the problems with the house. A house inspection will have to be done to uncover any issues that might not be visible. That horrible smell can’t be ignored and it is better if you acknowledge there is a problem with the house. You can always turn negatives into positives and the potential buyer will appreciate the honesty and transparency when briefing them on the status of the house.


Even if you can’t hire a professional cleaner, there are some basic cleaning you could do to make the house presentable. Make sure there is no trash lying around. Clean the windows, floors and the walls. Get rid of the bad odors by cleaning with bleach. Anything that can be done to make the house presentable should not be overlooked. The curb appeal can also be improved in one way or another. You can hire a professional landscaper to trim the trees and mow the lawn.

Remove Furniture

Removing the furniture has the potential of improving the looks of the interior. Clutter is not always recommended if you’re dealing with a home that is in a bad state. If it is a dumpy house, there is a high chance there is also dumpy furniture and decorations which doesn’t augur well with potential buyers.


Always be confident when trying to sell the house. It should be noted that any house that is habitable can be sold. It doesn’t matter if the HVAC system has broken down, there will always be a buyer. Just be honest about the major problems with the house and the reasons for selling. You could try to dress up the porch to improve the curb appeal.

To sum it up, there are some real estate companies that would be willing to buy your ugly house at very competitive rates without asking a lot of questions. If it is livable, then there shouldn’t be an issue trying to sell. You shouldn’t neglect your house to the point where it gets challenging to sell. Regular maintenance will go a long way in ensuring that some of the common problems are mitigated so that you don’t have to sell your house for cheap.