When you need an apartment in NYC, particularly in the neighborhood of Chelsea, you will find the process quite daunting. There are different issues to deal with, including bait-and-switch schemes, incomplete addresses placed on ads, unethical brokers, and more. It is indeed stressful to search through the list of NYC apartments for rent.

In general, Chelsea is a quiet neighborhood but it has diverse offers. You will mostly find trendsetters and socialites in the area, as well as gay people since it is the hub of the city’s gay scene. One thing that you will certainly love here is that the Chelsea apartments for rent are often a good deal. On average, a one-bedroom will cost you almost $4,000 per month.

The neighborhood is where you can spot some of the best bars and restaurants in the whole city. During lunchtime, the Chelsea Market is a great place to go, especially for those who adore adobada tacos and burgers. Also check out battery park city apartments for rent.

Living in one of the Chelsea apartments can be convenient, particularly if you often need to go to the West Village, Midtown, and High Line. If you are ready to rent, here are some indispensable tips to find a cheap apartment in the neighborhood or anywhere in the city:

Get discounts with Loftey.

Only a few landlords dole out exclusive rental contracts but most would have open contracts, which means any licensed real estate agent can market the listing legally. Unfortunately, the process makes it challenging for a renter to commit to one agent. There is also the issue with broker fees, which is often steep. In NYC, the renter has to pay the fees during the rental transaction.

Especially with Chelsea apartments, Loftey is different because this firm is committed to giving discounts and better deals than any other company out there. You will not be charged any fees when you rent, which is a game-changer in the rental market these days. Loftey believes that their clients should live in a building where they do not have to worry about fees. The company will search for the right apartment for you and will even provide a reduction in the rent prices.

Choose a bigger apartment building.

An affordable Manhattan rental will usually have about 15 to 30 apartments. If the building contains rent-stabilized apartments, the odds are good and they will stay that way. When the previous renter vacates the space, it is less likely that the landlord will spend tons of money to deregulate the apartment.

It takes good timing.

The recommended time to rent is during winter because landlords are often ready to make a deal. Fewer people tend to move during the cold season, which is why you could end up with buildings offering incentives. 

Save on rent in exchange for small repairs.

Most landlords would be happy to lower the rent price if the renter is willing to contribute a little elbow grease. If you can take care of the property, such as through painting, snow-shoveling, and recycling, you can get some discounts.

Find your next apartment with the tips above and contact Loftey to get a rent reduction from the listing price.