Being efficient in the 21st century is the main objective in the fast food industry. Due to the high competition and the need to meet the diverse customers’ food specifications, it is important for the organizations to look at the appropriate ways in the food preparation process. Speeding up the food preparation process is not an easy task for any organization. The organization aiming at improving the food preparation process need to identify the setbacks that derail them in their activities of food preparation and come up with strategies to overcome this inefficiency. The strategies adopted may appear to be very expensive to adopt but much later they usually make the process efficient and result in more revenue in the long run. However, the organization should be careful not to adopt strategies that make efficient the process of food preparation but compromising the end result. Organizations should aim at attaining efficiency in wholesomeness other than in only one area.

Investing in the right cutlery

Investing in the cutlery is a great move for the organization in improving the efficiency in the kitchen. Efficiency at this instance is improved when those operating at the kitchen are equipped with the right tools of the work. By cutlery, the organization should seek to obtain durable knives, forks, and spoons which are efficient for the job. High-quality cutlery sets may be expensive but shall last long enough when proper care is administered. For the purchase of these high-quality cutlery sets, Emirates Kitchen Equipment can be a good shopping destination. Sufficient cutlery also saves on time when there is no time wastage as the kitchen waits for one to finish with one cutlery.

Efficient cutlery comes in handy with proper maintenance of the cutlery sets through teaching the kitchen staff the proper handling skills. The cutlery should be handled with care to prevent their breakages and damages. When breakages arise, their cutlery efficiency declines to make the operations in the kitchen to be very slow. Knives should also be well sharpened and honed. The kitchen workforce should learn the basic skills of sharpening and honing the knives. Well maintained knives are easy to use and efficient as less effort is required in operating them. The cutlery should be well arranged in their respective positions to ensure that little time is taken for the kitchen workforce to locate them. This saves the time that is required in preparation of the foods as the tools are well cleaned, efficient in operation and easily traced at their respective places.

Good kitchen facilities with a good arrangement plan

Homes and restaurants kitchen need to have proper facilities that support the activities that it is meant for effectively. Though the facilities vary with the functions that the kitchen plays, the basic facilities should in place and in well operation conditions. No efficient kitchen which does not have an appropriate cooking facility. The cooking facilities are essential components as they meet the cooking requirements of the kitchen. They should be well in operational such that they are able to be regulated in accordance with the cooking temperatures requirements and is sufficient for all the cooking needs. The refrigeration facility is also important as they enable them in the preservation of the food commodities to be prepared. The facility should be able to provide sufficient space for all the food substances which require preservation. The source of clean water is also important for all the preparation and cooking needs. To acquire the necessary kitchen facilities, Emirates kitchen equipment in Dubai becomes a great source of these facilities. In addition, these facilities should have an appropriate arrangement which enables operations at the kitchen to be undertaken with ease.

Meal scheduling

Meal scheduling is an important aspect of ensuring efficient in the kitchen. When the kitchen workforce undertakes an appropriate meal there is usually a prior preparation which eliminates confusion and time wastage. It is through proper meal scheduling where the appropriate ingredients are sourced, the right cutlery and cooking equipment set for the meal to be prepared. The right kitchen staffs to lead in the preparation are made aware early enough and the other stakeholders take their rightful positions in the preparations and cooking. When there is meal scheduling the correct capacity of the food is prepared and thus minimal food wastage occurs. For the restaurants serving the large capacity of customers, meal scheduling enables the management to allocate duties among the kitchen staff.

Ensuring competence of the kitchen taskforce

Attaining the efficiency in the kitchen requires that the people in charge of preparation and cooking of meals are competent at their roles. This can be achieved by ensuring that restaurants hire highly qualified kitchen workforce that is able to effectively carry out the kitchen roles. The task force should also undertake frequent training to be aware of the emerging trends in the food preparations and to learn of new kitchen technologies which can make their activities much easier in handling. The task force also needs to maintain a standard procedure in preparation of different kinds of food so that there is no confusion or time wastage when trying to figure out. The standard of the recipe ensures that the resulting quality is maintained.

Research on meals preparations and the emerging technologies

Research is a tool that can enable kitchen activities to be undertaken with more ease. It is through research that kitchen activities can be improved by identifying new ways of doing things. Through research, the kitchen operators can discover new meal preparations that are more effective than the existing ones. They are also able to learn about new technologies that can improve their working performance. One way of finding such technologies is taking a moment in Emirates Kitchen Equipment store in Dubai where modern equipment can be purchased. The research also enables the kitchen management to make effective kitchen arrangement that aims at the easy accomplishment of the activities.


Following the above discussion, it is upon the kitchen managers to check on those areas which require improvements and effectively adopt an appropriate strategy to improve the kitchen efficiency. The management should implement the chosen strategy and make an evaluation of its progress towards improvements of the kitchen efficiency.