Glass shower enclosures for the bathroom are available in different designs and types. They are used to accessorize bathroom spaces so that they look modernized and comfortable. There are many features that can be added to the glass shower enclosure which include but not limited to towel bars, soap dishes among others. 

When adding a glass shower enclosure in your bathroom, you have to understand the needs of the users. The knowledge will help you decide on the most appropriate features to be added to eh shower enclosure. For instance, you might have elderly individuals in your home, and you need to create a comfortable environment where they can use the shower. 

Therefore, adding a feature such as a bathtub can be limiting to their comfort. For the elderly, you can add a bathtub which is low or equipped with a single flight of stairs. It will be helpful for them whenever they need to use the shower. However, adding a bathtub in the bathroom space is also dependent on the available space in your house. 

It would be inappropriate to add a bathtub in a bathroom within a small apartment. If your home is large enough, you could have the luxury of even adding a powder room to offer more elegance to the users in your apartment. For a small home, you might need to add a small glass shower enclosure so that you do not have any congestion which would leave your bathroom looking unattractive. Glass shower doors are also essential to be added to the shower enclosures to make them appealing and complete.

Different types of glass can be used for the shower doors depending on the interior décor needs of a property owner. If you are looking for a way to introduce stylish and trendy glass shower doors, fab glass and mirror are the experts to contact. 

Once you have the glass swore doors in place, they will make your bathroom more stylish and classier. However, you will need to maintain the doors so that they can remain as good as new and attractive. Having doors that have stains can be embarrassing and unfit for a stylish looking interior décor. If you already have a glass shower enclosure with glass doors, you need to understand how to maintain them so that you can avoid replacement for longer. 

How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Install Absorbers For The Door Shock 

Most doors that are hinged are often fitted with rubber shock absorbers at the joints. When opening a hinged glass shower door, it might have a high impact which can hence damage it. Opening the door should have a smooth flow to avoid any damage. When installing a glass shower door, you should have rubber shock absorbers at the end where the door opens from. Mostly, the edges of the glass door are lined with rubber on their edges so that they do not bang against the shower enclosure. For doors that are not lined especially the frameless type, they may end up having a short life such that you will need to replace them frequently. For glass doors that bang against the shower enclosure less panels, they are susceptible to cracking. 

Add A Waterproofing Film On The Glass Doors

Frameless glass shower doors are stylish and classy. Adding them to your bathroom shower enclosures upgrades the interior décor to look unique and modernized. When you have a frameless glass shower doors, it is advisable to add a waterproofing film on the surface. The waterproofing film will prevent any soap foam from attaching to its surface. The main advantage of this technique is that the water will never come in contact with the glass and cannot result in staining. Most individuals fail to add the waterproofing film and end up replacing the shower doors sooner than they should due to hard stains forming. If you are looking forward to maintaining the doors without worrying about replacing them, then you should consider the waterproofing film. If you want to add some style to the doors, you can use colored films for waterproofing. They will lighten up space and make it more attractive. 

Clean Glass Shower Doors For Hard Water Stains; Avoid It!

Cleaning glass surfaces require you to use distilled water. It could be difficult and costly for most people to use distilled water to clean glass surfaces in the bathroom, but this is a remedy to ensure your glass shower doors last longer without replacement. When washing your doors, ensure that the water you use does not have dissolved minerals. Ideally, the dissolved minerals are reactive when they come in contact with the glass. This will result in stains forming which are unattractive and make your bathroom space look dirty. 

Clean Your Glass Doors Regularly

 Maintaining a clean bathroom might need you to clean regularly without fail. Planning a schedule on how to clean the glass shower door every week can help you prolong its life. Usually, it is recommended that the shower enclosures and the glass doors should be cleaned at least three times a week. Using hard water during cleaning should also be avoided as it could pave the way for the formation of hard stains. When you expose the glass to hard water at least three times a week, you will have to ensure only recommended quality of water is used. Most homeowners make the mistake of regularly cleaning in a week but then fail to use the best quality of water which results in the deteriorating aesthetic for the glass doors. 

Avoid Using Hard Brushes To Remove Stains

When you notice a stain on your glass shower door, the first instinct would be to use the readily available tool to remove them. Hard brushes are available in almost every household today. Mostly, they are used for cleaning hard surfaces such as tiles in the bathroom and kitchen area. When using hard brushes, you may notice that they are too hard and can cause scratching of the glass surfaces. Glass shower doors should not be cleaned with hard brushes or steel wool. Sometimes, homeowners may think that the hard brush or steel wool make the glass shiny which is not the case. Even though it has been known to be effective in removing stains, its prolonged use will only result in scratches which are not appealing and will mess your interior décor. 

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

Most cleaning solutions are bought in their concentrated forms, and then you can dilute them to suit your cleaning needs. When you buy concentrated cleaning solutions such as ammonia, you should ensure you dilute them to the right concentrations to avoid damaging the glass shower doors. Ideally, an abrasive chemical that comes in contact with the glass can react and make it brittle. Ammonia is the best-known solution for cleaning glass surfaces. However, it can also damage them if not used in the right proportions. A brittle glass is easily cracked or shattered if an excessive external force is used. If you have been using concentrated ammonia or any abrasive chemical, it is time for you to consider other alternatives.  They will help you maintain your shower doors as good as new. 

Use Home Remedies For Cleaning Your Glass

There are many home remedies that you can use to remove grease and other oily dirt from your glass surface. Ignoring the little grease that is attached to your shower glass doors can result in them losing their quality and result to your bathroom looking boring and unattractive.  Vinegar is a homemade remedy of removing any form of dirt from glass surfaces. If you are in need of upgrading the look of your interior décor by maintaining clean glass shower doors, then you can decide to use the homemade vinegar and baking soda solutions. Every time the shower enclosure is used, you should wash using the vinegar solution to avoid any scum forming on the surface. Cleaning solutions should be left in the bathroom so that they can be easily accessed and used for cleaning after every use of the bathroom. 

Do Not Overload The Bars On The Glass Shower Doors

 In small apartments, you do not have sufficient space to install towel bars in different positions. This may require you to use the door handle as a towel bar and also for hanging other items. However, you might overload the bar with many items such that it becomes weak and can fall off any time from the door. To avoid this from happening, you should avoid hanging any items that would cause the handle or towel bar to collapse. This consideration will make your glass shower doors to last longer and remain attractive. 

In conclusion, when buying a glass shower door, ensure that you can maintain them to look as good as new. Using the above-mentioned techniques would be an advantage to you as a homeowner since you will not incur replacement costs any time soon.