When we think about home security, we mainly think about closing and locking our doors and windows. But the most used entryway for many homes across the UK (the garage) is often overlooked. If your garage is attached to your home, then securing the space is all the more important, due to the fact that if the intruder manages to gain access in to your garage, then he has a higher chance of breaking in to your home.

By following these tactics below, you will decrease the likelihood of someone breaking in to your garage, stealing your belongings and potentially harming you and your family. 

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Zip ties

A thief can break in to your garage using a coat hanger in minutes – even if you have an automated garage door. Why? Because they can access your emergency release handle. But don’t worry, there is a solution and it is something as cheap and simple as a zip tie. Connect the zip tie to a loop in the emergency latch, and it prevents thieves from disabling the automatic garage door and therefore stopping them from gaining entry. 

One other option to stop thieves from affecting the emergency pull is to remove it all together. It will improve home security but it means it’ll take a few minutes longer to release the garage door in the case of an emergency.

Keep the opener in the house

Keeping the garage door opener in the car is convenient but it’s certainly not smart. Doing so makes it easy for burglars to break in to your car and take the opener, and therefore giving them direct access to your garage and then your home. 

If it helps you remember to bring the opener in to the house, attach the remote to your keychain. Or, if you absolutely must leave it in your car, store it out of sight, locked up in the glove compartment – somewhere thieves can’t see it. 

Frost your windows 

Stop the burglars from window shopping in your garage by frosting or covering your windows. They are a lot more likely to break in if they look inside and seeing something they want. Prevent this from happening – use a frosted spray paint or install shades. By frosting and not covering completely, you are still allowing light to enter the space.

Install motion sensing lights

If you keep your garage well lit, it will deter the thieves from doing something they will most likely regret. Motion sensing lights are fantastic, they do everything ranging from basic motion detection, to alerting you when the light switches on – all through an app, available on your smart phone. Take a look at home security cameras too, so you have a complete eye on your garage and the rest of your property.

Here are 4 tactics to help you keep your garage secure, but if you’re looking for a few more tips, this article has a handful of them.