Most of the people are often looking to save some extra money, which is more often done by reducing the power and electricity bills. Electricity bills reduce to a really great extent especially when certain methods are implemented. Have a look below to find different ways to power your home with renewable energy

Roof-straddling solar panels:

This is perchance one of the most common renewable energy hitching system obtainable. It mainly encompasses the acquisition and setting up of solar panels on your roof. This is mainly done to catch the energy from the sun’s rays, which is ultimately converted into electrical energy. You can also store it in batteries or use it directly through inverters. A latest equipment and technology comprises of the use of solar silts. The solar panels cover almost all the space of your roof tiles and are put on top of your roof. Nevertheless, solar panels have their hitches. Mainly that they only work when the sun is up thus the usage is often limited to half a day. This is not adequate for widespread power consumers.

Solar Oven:

A solar oven is one of the greatest inventions in the history of science and technology. Though, heating utilizations like ovens frequently expend a lot of power and forming alterations to any one of them can result in extensive stashes. Solar ovens are plain applications that use the sun’s rays to heat food. The most accurate procedure used to ensnare the rays diverges from constructor to constructor although it is fairly easy to build yours from readily-available materials. You can look up for it on the internet, YouTube or any other website.


Even though it is not a solution for the majority of the people but, it can be really advantageous if your home is near a water body. Obviously, you cannot do it yourself unless you are a professional hydroelectric power professional. Nonetheless, it mainly implies recognizing the flow of water and the greatest vertical distance and how to channel it from a higher point through a pipe towards a turbine. The water eventually rotates the turbine which in turn provides electricity.

Solar water heating:

Solar panels have been chiefly used to produce electricity, they are also proficient of uninterrupted water heating which results in ample savings too. The panels, on the other hand, are fitted in such a way that consents them to heat ominously great reserves of water which are then directed to your showerheads or radiators.


This is an invention by Tesla that is not mainly the source to generate the energy but can be used to store the energy for future use. This is best used when combined with renewable energy sources like wind, water or hydro-power. Though, even when used with the main grid, it can be automated to charge itself when the electricity prices are low and eventually save some money on electrical expenses.

Biogas digesters:

These come in distinct conformations but have identical densities, which is to postulate renewable gas for your cooking and sometimes electricity production needs. Biogas digesters mainly use the waste from farm animals which is then agitated as a semi-liquid. The fermentation process generates methane, which is then transported to household cooking equipment for use as conservative cooking gas. But it can only be used in homes with farms and farm animals on a smaller scale.

Biomass boilers:

This is also one of the greatest ways to save money and use renewable energy to generate electricity. It generally involves heating water using wood chips. While saving on electricity also reduces the user’s carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Heat pumps:

These are fundamental appliances that remove heat from the surrounding that can be used to heat water. However, it is also distinguished that the equipment makes use of electricity, though, at a much lower rate than conventional heating.

Wind turbines:

Wind turbines are also one of the finest ways to produce renewable energy. But the problem that arises is that it requires a lot of space and region where there is frequent wind.

Micro hydropower systems:

Just like hydraulic power is used to generate the electricity, this is also a simple way of producing the electricity in a cost-efficient way.

These are the 10 main ways to generate electricity from renewable sources. For more such articles, stay connected.