How many times a year do you get calls to have your air ducts cleaned? Although most consumers turn the offer down, many wonder if they should get their air ducts cleaned or if air duct cleaning is really a waste of money. There are situations when it makes sense to have your air ducts cleaned. Pets in the home, construction activity etc. are just a couple of reasons that may require air duct cleaning.

What Services do Air Duct Cleaning Companies Provide?

A professional air duct cleaning company in Denver will clean all of the ducts in your home including the cold air return ducts, the intake, the hot air ducts, the registers, grilles, the fans, coils of the AC system, the housing etc. They will use specialized vacuums and blowers to remove all of the dust and animal dander that may be in your ducts. provides superior air duct cleaning for your entire home.

Most people feel that they should remove all of the dust etc. especially if they have allergies. However, there is no evidence to support air duct cleaning reduces the level of dust in your home. Regular cleaning of all filters appears to have more impact on reducing the dust in your home along with animal dander. In situations where your coils, fans etc. are very dusty, your system may run a little less efficiently.

When Should Air Ducts be Cleaned?

There are some situations where it does make sense to have all of your grilles, vents, ducts etc. cleaned. The EPA recommends duct cleaning only if the ducts are contaminated. The following may require duct cleaning if these situations apply to you:

Construction or Renovation work – any time work in your home generates lots of dust or other particles that float in the air, chances are they will find their way throughout your home and into the duct system. A thorough cleaning of your home including the ducts should be considered once all of the construction is completed.

Pets – that lose their hair, bring dust into the home etc. may trigger the need for duct cleaning. Animal hair is easily drawn into the ducts through the cold air returns and may come to rest in somewhere in the system, around the grilles, and the coils of the HVAC system etc.

Water Damage leading to Mold Conditions – If there is mold in your home from water damage, remove the impacted material quickly and replace it. Mold spores can also find their way into the duct system and unless you clean the entire duct system, the spores could remain for months. Anyone who is allergic to mold will be very sensitive to this ongoing problem.

Contaminants – many consumers are surprised to find that there are many contaminants in the ducts of their new homes. The items found in ducts range from cigarette butts to soft drink cans and of course construction dust. If you notice pet hair coming from your vents even after the grills have been cleaned, you may also need to have the duct system cleaned.

Allergy or Asthma Conditions – Anyone who suffers from these health issues will understand the importance of avoiding dust, mold, pollen etc. that can find its way into your home through open windows, on your pets and on your clothes. While you keep your home spotless, this material can also find its way into the duct system. Regular cleaning may be needed after the season is over for the main pollutant that your family is sensitive to.

Avoiding Scams in the Duct Cleaning Business

Ask for a full service. In other words, all of your ducts, grilles, vents, and the heating and cooling unit. Ask for references and check with several to ensure that these customers were satisfied with the service provided. Ask for written estimates based on a free inspection. Most low priced offers advertised on TV or the radio are priced low with the plan to up sell you once they have inspected your home and are onsite. Avoid steam cleaning. This introduces moisture into the system, which could trigger mold conditions later. Also avoid sprays and chemicals of all kinds. They may compromise your health if you or your family are sensitive to them.