It’s that time of year again; the days are getting shorter, the chitter-chatter of Christmas plans is in full swing and, of course, it’s getting cold.

Really, really cold.

The perfect time for your radiator to prove its worth!

The last thing you want this time of year is to step into a freezing home… well, you want what anyone else would want - a roasty, toasty, cozy retreat from the bitterness outside. Luckily for you, any of our designer radiators will keep you warm this winter. And not only can they keep the chill out, but our unique designs and stylish radiators will also add an edge to your pursuit of effective heating this winter season.

But how can you make sure that your maximizing your radiator’s potential this winter?

Here are some friendly, Christmassyding-dong-merrily-on-high TIPS to keep Jack Frost from knocking on your door.


Firstly, make sure you’re maximizing the heat in your home through other means besides your radiator.
This is far more cost efficient and, not having your radiators on 24 hours a day, (even though that does sound great!) will help keep your radiator in ship-shape and therefore need less maintenance in the long run. We’ve all experienced a broken radiator during winter, and it’s certainly not pleasant.

So, if you don’t have carpets, wall insulation, double glazed windows or thick curtains in your home, perhaps this is the time to think about investing.


This is common sense, I know, but if you’re radiators are out of date then they are less likely to be efficient. If you feel that you’re radiator is causing you constant problems then, simply put, it’s time for an upgrade. And look where you are! This is the perfect place to start shopping for a new radiator! Check out our online catalogue – we have everything from old-school iron cast radiators, designer radiators to towel radiators for your bathroom. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but it’s also incredibly important!


If you’re radiator is surrounded by furniture, heat might be swallowed up and absorbed before it reaches your cold footsies. So, for example, if you’re radiator is hiding behind a sofa, it might be time to move your sofa to let heat emit more efficiently around the room.

Also, have you thought about this, since heat rises,having shelves above your radiator means that you can direct back down to you. Genius!


We’ve all experienced it, we’ve all woken up in a freezing house with a broken boiler at least once in our lives. We’ve all suffered as we’ve had to wear coats and hats indoors as we’ve waited for someone, anyone, to come and fix the boiler. It’s just awful. Especially with winter fast approaching.
Service your boiler at leastonce a year to ensure constant efficient heating. It’s easy to forget so make sure you sure you make a note of it!


Do you notice cold spots in your radiator when it’s on? Perhaps your radiator is experiencing irritating pockets of trapped air. If so, it’s the time to bleed your radiator as this will help maximize heating potential and will provide an even spread of warmth throughout your room this winter.

It’s a pretty simple task and you won’t need any professionals in to help.

It’s a tricky transition as summer starts to feel more and more like a distant memory. Even though the weather may be getting progressively more miserable, it doesn’t mean YOU have to be miserable in your warm and cozy home. Hopefully, these tips will help you prepare your radiators for winter and keep you hot in the months to come!

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