Is it in your genes to cheat? Turns out, there is such a thing. Some people are born with a gene that allows them to take steroids but pass traditional tests without the need of any designer agent to mask them.

The Daily Mail has a good writeup of the gene, UGT2B17. It's found in an estimated one in ten caucasian people, 22 percent of people of African decent and over 66 percent of Asians.

The standard drug test in sports is called a T/E test. What it does, is that it compares the level of testosterone in your body to the level of epitestosterone. The upward limit in sports is 4 to 1, testosterone to epitestosterone.

UBGT2B17 keeps the ratio of T and E low, even though testosterone levels are on the rise. Anyone with the gene could load up on testosterone without any worry of the tests.

Read on over at the Daily Mail for more. Does this gene shed more light into the possible ways people are cheating in sports? Does it even prove anything just yet? Check it out: [Daily Mail]