div>AI is way out of its infancy and enjoying its prime with multiple industries adopting it in some form. In recent developments, artificial intelligence is proving its worth in content development to assist writers and marketers. 

Leading businesses are exploring the potential of AI writing and finding ways to leverage its benefits. Experts from SEO services by Impressive Digital in Houston also suggest the promising tomorrow the technology has in the field of content writing.

Presently, AI offers advanced writing capabilities that are remarkably close to human writeups. Although it is not considered a replacement for human writers and has many pitfalls to be attended to, AI writing is plausibly the next big thing.

Is it possible to use AI for a content generation?
AI writing is not very popular yet and people have many apprehensions related to it. One of the biggest questions is that whether it can actually generate content. Various AI writing programs and applications have the answer evident. 
These are already greatly helping writers with grammar correction, tone setting, and making more complex changes. AI can also help in enhancing the flow and improving the story to make it more interesting according to the taste of the target audience.

Understanding an AI content generator
Now that we know that AI is capable of generating the content, let us understand what an AI content generator is. AI content generator is a program or application that learns using machine learning models focused on content development. You fill in some criteria that help the application to develop the most relevant content. It helps in creating batches of content for businesses that you can personalize before using.

Benefits of AI writers
AI is known to automate repetitive tasks allowing humans to focus on more productive and creative aspects of the business. In content writing, it automates the development of basic drafts in sync with your requirement inputs and allows writers to focus on ornamentation and personalization of the write-ups. Its multifold benefits include:

Time efficiency
A well-researched and well-crafted piece of content can take at least several days before it can be put to good use. AI can reduce this time to a few minutes. Of course, you still have to put in your time for editorial work, it is incredibly fast and allows creating multiple pieces per day.

Enhanced productivity
As AI writing reduces time to a great extent, it significantly enhances your productivity. Faster writing means, you can create much larger volumes of content in the same amount of time. It also proliferates your productivity in other digital marketing areas.

Better targeting
AI works precisely on your inputs, regardless of the application it is used for. This accuracy is also maintained in AI writing. AI and machine learning algorithms seek out content that is closest to what you want. Using these in a combination with other AI-powered tools that analyze your audience's online activities and behavior can help you target with incredible precision.

Support to SEO efforts
AI content generators let you enter the keywords around which you want to spin the content. They generate content that incorporates these keywords in the most effective ways, reducing your efforts for SEO.