A hydraulic power pack is an extremely critical element that powers up a hydraulic system in big or small machinery used for heavy lifting work. As such, choosing the right power pack for your machine is equally critical.

When selecting a power pack it is important to keep the requirements of the machine you wish to power in mind. Additionally, you may be interested in other features such as a high output power pack, a portable hydraulic power pack, or a power pack that comes with sensor technology.

Although it is not a difficult process to find a hydraulic power pack that suits your needs, however, you still need to have a keen eye for it. To help you make the best choice, we’ve put together a list of a few essentials you should consider when choosing a hydraulic power pack.

The Power Output

When choosing a hydraulic power pack it is extremely important to know beforehand the amount of power you will need. This will help you determine the power pack most suited to your needs.

You may be wondering won’t additional power out be beneficial? In some cases yes, however, excessive pressure can prove to be destructive to the other components of your power pack. Moreover, if the power output of your hydraulic power pack is not sufficient for your equipment, it will not function properly.

Tank Size

The tank is the reservoir of your power pack’s fluid. And this fluid flow is what eventually creates the pressure that drives the hydraulic system. Therefore, your hydraulic power pack must have an adequate tank capacity to sufficiently power the hydraulic system at an optimal flow rate.

Power Source 

The hydraulic pump in a hydraulic power pack is driven by a motor. This can be an electric motor, a combust engine, or in some cases, it may even be powered with air.

Know which source of power you want to use to drive the hydraulic. For instance, if you are someone who prefers a renewable and cost-effective power source, you would prefer the air-powered motor.
Size and Weight of The Power Pack

Choose your power unit based on your equipment’s needs as well as the aspect of your usability. For instance, if your equipment is small a micro hydraulic power pack would work best! Moreover, if you desire a portable hydraulic power pack, both mini and micropower units would suit you.

A standard hydraulic power pack, on the other hand, would work best for larger and more extensively working pieces of machinery. It is the most powerful hydraulic power pack with the greatest output.

The abovementioned pointers can help you determine the specifics that you’re looking for in a hydraulic power pack. You will need to study the requirements of your equipment as well as the specs of your potential hydraulic power packs before you make a decision. In any case, with this basic criterion in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the most suitable hydraulic power pack.